Need Motorcycle 12 Volt Power Supply Wire for TomTom Rider 2

Jul 6, 2009
I have been searching, to no avail... and all over... for any information or suggestions where I may purchase or buy an additional 12 Volt Motorcycle Power lead for the Rider 2.???? I now have a TomTom Rider 2 on my Harley Heritage with the existing 12 volt power supply, but am trying to find a supplier so I can purchase 'another' or an 'additional' power wire for my Harley Ultra Classic. The goal here is to allow me to move my Rider 2 (with base & Ram mount) from bike to bike, as I choose and snap in the power wire to go. Can anybody help me in finding this power wire. It is, obviously, a special wire as it has a snap connection that clips into the bottom of my mounted Rider 2 motorcycle base. This clip is a squeeze clip of sorts that removes when squeezed and when attached, snaps into place. iI have checked with TomTom and several various suppliers, but no go. I must say, TomTom was not very helpful and took forever getting back to me. :confused:PLEASE HELP !!!!
Not sure I can help much, but I will offer a suggestion if you cannot find one...

You could look for a quick connect for an RC car battery (Radio Shack) and (care I say) cut the existing wire below the connector, insert the quick connect, then wire the same onto your other bike and just move the green adapter with the device.

RC 7.2V Battery Pack Connector Repair Kit -

I did this with my heated grips when I had to change out a Master Cylinder on my BMW. No issues so far...

Just a through if you strike out elsewhere...
Good Idea!

I guess I should have thought of that. As a last ditch effort, I may have to go that route. Thanks for your advice. I may end up with this alternative. Thanks!;)
They come up on eBay often RVP, although I have just checked and there are none there at present. Try an eBay search for "Tomtom rider battery cable" some time, you may find one there.

Rider accessories are available in Australia again now FJ, but are not in USA. I don't understand what is happening. The Rider2 dock was not available in Aus. until recently and the power cable was also marked as not available. However, I received a replacement dock under warantee from TT even though they were not listed.

Discontinuing Accessories for TomTom Rider 2

TomTom accessory suppliers are telling me TomTom is discontinuing accessories in the U.S. because the Rider 3 in coming our or already out. This really 'Goats' me! I paid an arm and a leg for the TomTom Rider 2 in November of 2008 and now I can't find the accessories I need to allow me to move the GPS unit from bike to bike. What kind of game will they be playing next. And then they offer new voices and new maps. Guess what TomTom? I'm about done with your games!

But, at any rate. I really appreciate all you guys helping me out. I'll probably have to splice the power supply and insert a quick connect and make my own power lead on my 2004 Ultra Classic. I really can't think of another way, unless I come across one in the U.S. They tell me the foreigh $$$ exchange rate is rediculous and I don't even want to go there and order one overseas.:mad::confused::(
I would try ebay I found a cradle their
if none come up save the search and ebay will send you an email when one shows up
It's outrageous that TomTom doesn't support the Rider 2 with its advertised accessories. My bike dock failed shortly after installing the unit on my bike. Now, I can't find a replacement dock without having to engage in a bidding war on Ebay. If I had known. I never would have bought a TomTom. The unit itself is great, their support and accessories suck. After spending over $600 for the unit, I am sorely disappointed with TomTom's shortcomings. Go Garmin.
Power Pigtail

While trying to get an extender (male and female ends), TomTom offered to send me another power pigtail, so they do have them. The one that came in the box with my Rider2 is part number 4K00.005 with 6017A0029501 under the bar code.

Good luck,

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question, but I was hoping you could help with mine. I have a wire with a red and black led and the oppositve side has a tip that plugs right into the GPS cradle. 1) To where do I connect the red and black wires? Is it to the battery directly? Also, do I need to add a fuse to the line? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Hi Newbie10
The wire that you mention is used to connect your Tomtom to an external 12 volt power supply. The RED wire needs to be connected to a 12volt POSITIVE source and the BLACK wire to GROUND. Where you make the above connections on your motorcycle is very dependent upon what make and model of motorcycle that you have. If you give some indication of this, I am sure that there are owners out there who will be able to give you advice.
Although not absolutely necessary, it is good practice to include an in line fuse in the wiring circuit to protect the wiring. I would personally advise you to connect into your bikes wiring to a wire that is controlled by the ignition switch, so that power is cut to the Tomtom when you turn the key off. This will shut down your Tomtom when the key is off thus avoiding flattening the bike battery when you are not riding.

As PC states, the red goes to the battery or an accessory line. A fuse as close to the power source is a very good plan, unless you have used a fused accessory line.
Many bikes now have aluminum frames (sport bikes, adventure bikes, etc) so you should always take the ground right to the battery negative. If you have a cruiser or a bike with a steel frame, you can ground it anywhere you like.
I personnaly installed Blue Seas auxillary fuse panel on my VStrom, but if all you are going to run is the GPS, I wouldnt worry about it.
As far as battery draw goes, it is very minimal, infact I left my Rider on for over 2 days with virtually no effect on the bike battery, so its not a big deal.

I don't have the Rider but the TT I have is operated via an Auxillary Plug (direct wired to battery pos. and neg.) with an in line fuse, I like it this way rather than switched as when riding and make stops and shut the bike off my TT stays active and I don't have to reboot it everytime, if I want to make changes while having a meal I just unplug and take it with me and make my changes at that time, as mentioned they don't use much juice when left plugged in, I'll always unplug or turn off when done riding for the day.
Not sure which model Tomtom you are using elderado, but the Rider 2 has the option not to shut down when external power is lost contained in the "preferences" menue. Even with the shut down option selected, you have a timed delay in shutting down when power is lost, giving you time to overide the shut down if you want. I have my Rider connected to the accessory line on the bike which is controlled by the ignition switch. All my accessories are simply turned off when the key is removed.
Rider 2 Dock

I've been through THREE docks. They just plain do NOT work. Add to that I can't get the thing to work with a phone that is in Tom Toms list as compatible fully. Their support dept. won't even talk about phones and the docks are no longer available which renders the device just about useless.
I am so sorry I bought a Tom Tom. $500 down the drain.
Hi Mark,

I was having a smiliar issue with my iPhone until I downloaded updates for my Rider 2 a few days ago - it is now working like a dream!

With regards to the docks, I too have had a nightmare tracking one down, but I found a UK site called who have Rider 2 docks and wires to connect the docks to the bike.

Hope this helps?

Link is TOMTOM Accessories > 27) TomTom Rider V1 / 2nd Edition Accessories > Rider V1 / V2 Car Mounts - Great Savings on Sat Nav Mounts, Memory, Chargers, Cables, Holders, Cases and More.



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