Motorcycle Dealers POI for Rider2

Apr 21, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Can someone help the new guy. I am trying to download a POI of Harley Davidson motrocycle dealers. This POI can be made for several brands of motrocycles, mine just happens to be a Harley. I came upon the link of how to at TomTom Rider - webBikeWorld. The instructions are almost at bottom of page. I have tried several times with the free file converter link from that page and with other file converters that I download to my Windows7 laptop. The problem is when the file converter goes to read the .asc file to convert it to .ov2 it says the file is in wrong format. Not sure if file is corrupt or what my problem is. I thought it might be a windows7 issue so I tried it on WindowsXP. Still same result. Can someone help?
I Ijust went through the process with the links provided. Downloaded a bunch of motorcycle dealers in asc format, used the conversion tool to convert to ov2. At the end, there was a message about an issue with the first 2 rows (since they didn't contain lat/long info or text in quotes) but converted the rest of the file into an ov2 file.

I then opened the ov2 file in poi edit and it had no problem.

I have windows 7 here.

I'd try the steps again.............
Well darn

Well Darn, I thank you first of all for taking your time to go through the process. I wished I knew what was happening. I was opening the file converter program and then would go to open and browse to my .asc file and the moment I clicked on it I would get an error saying no commas - that the format was lat, long, "name" When I open the asc file and looked at the data thorough Adobe flash it was in the correct format. There was descriptive text above the data. I edit and removed this so there was nothing but lat,long, "name". I then received a different error message. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? I hope that maybe you received some benefit from this for the time you spent. Would it be possible to get you to email the ov2 file for the Harley Davidson Dealers.
Go to Sunday Morning Rides link
Click on pois button at top
Click on Dealer button and check boxes for kinds of dealers
Click green down arrow
Click on TomTom in next screen for each set you want
Save the (asc file to a location on your computer)
I used MakeOV2 from this site: Oldboy
Then, Start, type run, cmd and changed directory to where tool and file located

and file is created.


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