Bluetooth motorcycle pairing problem

Aug 17, 2012
Oxford uk
TomTom Model(s)
Go 720
I have a Go720 that Bluetooth system pairs up with my divices no problem. That was until I tried to pair it with my new motorcycle blue tooth system (called Sharktooth) I followed the pairing instructions to the letter and it even starts to pair but then it times out. The Tom Tom recognises the unit, it says it's name on screen starts to pair and then stops! The Sharktooth instructions says that I should get pairing pin ask from the sat nav and I should enter 0000 but the Tom Tom seams to be waiting for me to enter the pin on the Sharktooth (not possible) My Sharktooth paired with my phone without the need for the 0000. I have updated the software on the Tom Tom but still no joy. Any ideas guys or do I need a more up to date Tom Tom (maybe a rider)


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