Non-Rider model for car/motorcycle use?

Aug 14, 2009
I am planning on purchasing a TomTom gps for use in my car and while on my motorcycle. Originally I was going to get the Rider v.2, but after further research and thinking about my needs I've decided that I'm going to go with a more car-centric model. Here's why:

-I don't "adventure" ride on my motorcycle that often. And when I do go on trips on the bike taking a new route I think I'd be happier with the TomTom wispering directions through my earbuds rather than wearing a bluetooth headset in my helmet.

-I understand that it is extremely difficult to conduct a phone call due to wind noise anyways. That would nullify the use of the bluetooth syncing and communication functions.

-to use the rider in the car I would need to buy a $70 mount w/internal speaker (since the rider does not have a speaker)

I think the unit would probably get used in the car 60-70% of the time. For motorcycle trips, I am hoping to stick the TomTom in my pocket and get my directions via earbud.

I found some freeware called "Tyre" that lets you use Google Maps to create customized travel routes and am anxious to hit the road.

Here are my questions:

-Will having the GPS in my pocket work (I imagine if it can get a signal inside of an automobile--it could get it through a small bit of fabric)?

-What models have aux outs/headphone jacks (not something I can find listed anywhere)

-The only other feature I would realy want is text-to-speech. (the "S" models I assume)

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All the Go-x20 and x30 devices have the audio line out socket and use Text To Speech to read out road names, none of the One or XL range have Line out sockets (although it is possible to fit one depending upon your level of electronics skill).
One thing you need to be aware of though is the recent Navcore updates have removed the volume control from the line out so it plays at 100% regardless of the volume slider, you need to get some earphones with an integral volume control otherwise its too loud.
As for GPS working while in your pocket it will be fine as long as the jacket is made of normal material, in fact the signal can get through several layers of fabric before you see degradation - Mike
I have found that gps reception is fine in the pocket of my riding jacket, but there are a lot of inadvertent key presses. I am usually a few menu screens deep after riding for a while.
I have a 720 that I use on my motorcycle. I built myself a bracket that slip in the back of the TomTom's normal mount. Since it's still not strong enough (I almost lost my TT a few times) I added a top arm that is used to hold the TomTom down. All is made of a few screws, some pipe-holding ribbon steel band, one hinge and rubber pads.
I do off road and gravel and it never failed!


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RAM mounts are relatively cheap and very reliable - I have used them for a 910 and a 920 now. You are not saving anything if you unit ends up on the pavement.
I will just agree on the Ram Mounts and not keeping in the pocket, add a 12 volt aux. plug and keep the unit plugged in while riding that way it is always staying charged, I use the OneXL and it works just fine on the ride, easy to unplug disconnect from either car or motorcycle, I just carry a Large Ziplock Bag in case it rains or just unplug and stick in my saddle bag.
Look here for Ram Mounts or Aqua Cover (if you want to go that way)
RAM Mount System
RAM mounts are good but, my solution costed, hmm... About $5-$10?

As I said, I do off road and my TT stays firmly in place, no matter what bumps I hit! I could ride upside-down and it wouldn't move! I could probably lift the bike with the bracket if the bike's fairing could take it! Totally customizable also, fits any bike, simply by putting whatever length of strip you need and twist/bend it so it fits the way you like.

I looked at the RAM mounts and found them bulky and expensive. Plus, I either had to mount on the handles (mirror holes or some clamps-on) or make holes in my fairing. Mounting on the handles exposes the TT to extreme vibrations and shocks so, the fairing is safer shock and vibration wise, because the bike absorb some energy.
TT 730 on bike

I just got back from a 2500 mile week trip to the Smoky Mountains on my motorcycle and used a TT 730. We stayed on back roads the whole time and the 730 with a Ram Mount plus a hard wire kit worked great. I stuck a 16 gig SD card in it and listened to music and the GPS directions with no problem. I used the Jabra BT3030 bluetooth headset for my earphones. The Jabra just hangs around your neck like a dog tag and you plug your earphones into it. It sounds good and there are no wires to deal with. The TT730 works fine as an MP3 player and with the Ram Mount the volume and song list are right at your finger tips. No problem in the car either.


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