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Dec 6, 2007
TT phone support says I should see content for mt via 1535. But I see none. Is the browse not pointing the the correct folder?
What happens when, with your device connected, you click on the "Add community content" option from the MyTomTom systray icon?
It opens the page with the different categories. If I click the plus sign to open a category, I see a browse button and a install button. If I click the browse button it opens a folder on my PC. Probably the last folder I browsed to.. Sam for all the categories.
You understand that this functionality is for you to add custom ov2 files (and associated .bmp files, if available) that you have somewhere on the computer. It depends where you've initially placed them.

For example, I just uploaded to my 1535 a custom ov2 file I created. I placed the file in my c:\temp\ folder and pointed the 'browse' to that folder.

BUT, somebody else may have his/her files in a different location. There is no default folder.
I'm wondering if sneakersteve realizes that to add new content to his device (POI files, voices, etc.) he needs to decide what he wants, and then go and fetch them from the web or create them on his PC in order to load them to the unit?

Steve -- there aren't any of these 'extras' on your PC unless you obtain them from somewhere. For example, there are any number of sources for custom POI categories (I know some guys up north who couldn't live without a current and comprehensive Tim Horton's list, for example), and it's also possible to create your own categories using various utilities.

What kind of custom content did you have in mind?
Thanks for the clearification. I thought I'd find content on the web like I did with the old Home 2 for my TT930. I'm looking for some new car symbols, color schemes and POI's. Maybe you guys can point me to places to find these.
Would all these file types by ov2? Or different for each category? I understand now that I have to fetch content. But I still can't rap my arms around the rest. I put the files I find into a folder, and navigate to that folder from the community content browse. Then just instal?
Thanks for your explanation.
Thanks for the clearification. I thought I'd find content on the web like I did with the old Home 2 for my TT930.

Did you miss my reply in your other topic?

But I think what you are missing is the "library" of colour schemes, car cursors etc. that you had available to download from Home, isn't it?

Well I'm afraid you're not doing anything wrong. There isn't one any more with MyTomTom.

All you can do is add content that you already have or have found elsewhere on the web.

To be honest, most of what was available from Home *is* already available elsewhere on the internet (in fact TomTom got into trouble several times for hosting copyrighted content from elsewhere!)

If you need any help finding anything specific, just ask.

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