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Dec 8, 2011
Norwich Norfolk UK
TomTom Model(s)
GO520M, TomTom Live camper and caravan (1005)
Can anybody out there give TomTom the Gee up?? I am referring to the Community Content saga. I was told a few weeks ago that TomTom were aware of the problem and they were working on it. However, I haven't heard or read anything concerning any progress towards a fix.:mad:
It would really help if you told us WHAT Community content saga you are talking about!

I don't see any issues with it currently. I can add or remove POIs and other items using Add Community Content with no difficulty.
I'm amazed!! I have had this problem since early February and I notice some forum members have posted exactly the same problem for over a year now! The problem is 0MB in community content even though I have at least 4.0GB free in the internal memory.( I also have 7GB free in a memory card) If you do not have this problem then my unit must be faulty but that isn't the message I am getting from TomTom. TomTom are apparently working on it but as I wrote earlier I have had no update from TomTom. If there is a limit to the amount of Community Content then TomTom should have made that clear and then I would have had the choice of buying a different one from another manufacturer. As far as I am concerned the unit is not fit for purpose as it is.My TomTom is a 1005 (camper & caravan) and the reason for buying it was because I could enter my vehicle dimensions.
OK thanks, Yes I have heard of that issue, now you've described it.

But as I say, I've obviously been lucky as it's not affected me so far (that's on 3 or 4 different 'NAV3' TomToms)

I put the Pocket GPS World speed camera POIs on them all and that's over 40 POI sets to change each week.
I subscribe to Pocket as well ,but now I have several weeks worth that I cannot update because of this problem. My wife has complained to the company she bought this Sat Nav from in an effort to get them to pressure TomTom to get something done.Otherwise,we will be expecting a full refund or perhaps exchange for another new one.
Like Andy, I think I've been lucky... I keep three Nav3 units with quite a LOT of custom POI data that is loaded fresh each week, and so far (knock on wood), no issues. We haven't been able to discern any pattern regarding those few users that get bit by this bug.

We've also had one or two reports of inability to update a map due to the phantom 'no memory left' issue. Sure hope that TT gets it sorted soon.

Since the problem seems to be unique to one unit or another with no particular pattern of use that causes it, swapping for another unit may well set you up such that you never see this issue again. As noted, it's only a small % of the users that seem to see this, and we haven't seen any commonality that explains it.
Community Content Saga

At last TomTom have sorted the problem out. Interestingly they authourised an additional map (UK & Ireland). After downloading this map the amount of memory in Community Content increased to 3893MB!!! Quite obviously the way memory is managed in these new devices is a black art!! Anyway all sorted now. Thanks must go to Patrick for at TomTom sticking with it.:)
Can you tell us more about what was done specifically to solve your problem?

It seems that the zero memory problem requires the folks back at TomTom to do some fancy footwork with their server to remove/reinstall the map on a device, but I'm not certain about that, and when TomTom plays with a device, it's not always obvious what they are doing. Did you follow what was being done?
Hi! Canderson,
Well, their representative was going to remotely access my TT and "look at it". However,my computer refused him access so I was given the task of doing the "looking". Basically it involved deleting some files from the TomTom folder within the user section on my computer.In the event that excecise didn't do anything. I was promised a call back/email later that day but nothing was forthcoming. However,the following morning I recieved an email to say that permission had been granted for me to have another map as detailed earlier(at no cost). This apparently ( and these are their words) would "Break the 3Gb barrier!!!!" If that is what it was supposed to do then it was obviously successful. Sorry can't be more specific.
Did they have you remove downloaded files from the TomTom cache on your machine? That can be done with systray gadget in the lower right, or with more effort, manually ... or did they have you delete other files? By any chance did you take any notes on what it was they had you delete?

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