Paid for an update but none arrived

Jul 1, 2010
South of South Island NZ
TomTom Model(s)
One XL
Back in December I paid for 2 map updates, one for N.Z. and one for Cenral and Eastern Europe. The other day I got notice that I had an update for Central and Eastern Europe. I downloaded the map, as well as the new version of TT Home. I had a few issues (see my other threads) but they have mostly been relsoved thanks to you guys.

However, re the N.Z. map update. :sad:
Iit has not arrived even though there is a new map out.
TT say they have no record of my having bought it and can I provide proof of purchase with details, invoice etc.

The only proof I have is the entry in my Visa card statement. The emails that came from TT have gone as we have changed computer and I never printed them off.

Does anyone have any other suggestions, apart from buying another map!! :roll:


I'd go ahead and use your Visa statement. If it's obvious that the charge was for more than one map, ask them to explain that and be kind to you. Unless you own more than one unit, all transactions should be tied to your email + unit serial number. Double check that Visa statement to see what it says, and have them compare the amount to what they show for the Central/Eastern Europe map subscription. If the difference would be the price of the NZ subscription, you should be able to press your case.
Rather than email them, I would scan them and send them the facsimile by email if necessary. However, we find that email doesn't always get a prompt response, so I'd call instead with the offer to email the scan directly to someone there.
Thank you

I will wait and see what happens when Monday comes around.
So far they have been very prompt with replies to emails.

Then if we can not seem to get to the bottom of the issue I will phone them on the NZ number.


I rang them today, seems I was wrong!! AGAIN.

I bought an update for Europe,
but only bought a map for New Zealand.
And it was on special, because a new one was due to be released!!

Oh well I guess I learn something new everyday.
So now I have bought the latest map, last one was really a waste of money.

We will see if they have caught on to the fact that the road has been shifted near our place, maybe TT will say I am on the road instead of in a paddock!!


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