Restore factory settings

Oct 24, 2007

I'm a newbie and haven't found where to post this but I'm sure the moderator will.

I got my XL Europe yesterday and everything works fine. Today it doesn't, I turn it on and it shows the splash screen and then it makes like it's connecting to my computer. There is a yellow progress bar at the bottom and when it gets to the end it turns itself off.

Tried connecting to my PC and the damn thing works. Tried to restore the default factory settings in the Preferences menu and it's greyed out. Tried using the paperclip to reset and that doesn't work.

Rang TomTom. Spoke to a nice lady who said she would send me some instructions and hasn't. I told her my email address (gp-web) and she spelt it phonetically starting with G for Juliette. I don't hold much hope for a reply if this is the standard of operators.
Try to do the restore manually and not use HOME.

located your backup, usually located in your documents/TomTom/HOME/backups

Copy all of the back up and paste it to your TomTom Drive.
Good luck.
It usually means there is no backup.

But if you remember making a backup then try to locate it.

Open HOME and click on File then preference. Select the advanced tab and look at the backup directory see if it stored somewhere else.

Good Luck

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