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Jun 15, 2020
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Hello, I have a problem restoring the Go 60 device, My Drive Connect restores but the device does not turn on after that and restores over and over again, once I was able to restore and work, the next day when driving after 20 minutes again the device did not work, is there any rescue?


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Battery fully charged?

Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.
I tried it too, yesterday I restored the device but I took out the card, so far everything works, the device stops working when there is a card in it. There are maps on the card that I used, it happens on 2 different cards: samsung 32GB, kingston 32GB
Does it go wonky with a BLANK, FAT32 formatted card inserted?
I will only insert a blank formatted card and the device will not turn on when the removal starts normally.
I will only insert a blank formatted card and the device will not turn on when the removal starts normally.
We may have a little translation problem.
Are you saying that the device
a) boots correctly with NO SD card installed, but
b) does not boot correctly with a blank, FAT32 formatted card installed? Are we clear about the FAT32 full format?
Very, very strange. A blank and properly formatted card should not have any negative impact on booting.
That is a micro-SD card, correct?
While not a proper long term solution, and although a 32GB card should present NO problems to a GO60, do you have a smaller (e.g., 16GB) card that you can format and try?

And before we continue -- we never did quite sort out why a restore was being done in the beginning. Was there some other problem first?
I will look for a smaller one and check it out. Before that I had no problems and used the same micro sd cards, I just drive about 30 km one day and the navigation turned off, the device tried to turn on but only the start logo was visible and about a minute then 0654_04_nav4.gif


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Well, Москва, you have a problem we haven't seen here before. Please do report back on the use of a smaller card, if you have one.
I hope this is not some kind of hardware issue.
As canderson said, in your first post you said you had problems restoring your GO 60.

Why did you think you had to restore it or did you mean you wanted to update it?
[ przywróć kontra aktualizacja ? ]
I decided to record the problem so it will be easier.
Samsung 32GB card used in the device 4 years without any problem, 16 GB card different to check.

Regarding restoration, on a black screen with a red cross My Drive Connect tried to restore the device but could not.
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This may sound stupid, moskwa, but did you have MyDrive Connect running without USB connection and only plug in the device after you see the screen with the red X ?
No, this only happens with the card as above in the movie. Above I wrote that I restored the device and it works well after restoring but without the card, if I insert only the card it can be seen in the film what is going on
Hello, I see no one has any ideas :(.
The device works without a card so good.
Not working with the card possible damage the device?
Reset, restoring device doesn't help, so it's probably not a problem with the softare?.
Only suggestion, call Support and see if they can help.

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I used this method
i have a go essential and am trying to recover my device. once i get to this white text point in the recover process that is shown on tomtoms recovery video i cannot seem to be successful in the 'hit power button 3 times quickly' to get into the recovery mode correctly. help required
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