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Oct 27, 2009
St Neots, UK
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 5100 World
I have recently changed my Tomtom device and I am having difficulty in registering it with my computer app.

I am not sure of the model I have. - the serial number is ZE1299I011xxx

Where can I find the model number and where can I find which model number I have registered to my account?

The Speed camera service has expired and I have renewed the service with Tomtom. I am told by Tomtom that the service has been activated but my device shows that it has expired,

I have tried following the instructions within MyDriveConnecr, installed on my Windows 11 computer but the matter never gets resolved.

Any ideas.
A ZE's name depends upon the market. It could be called a GO Supreme, GO Essential, or just GO 620.
I'll assume you don't have one of the "truck" models.
The TomTom model number, if that's what you're really after, may be any of the following - and I'm leaving out several that we know for sure were not sold in the UK market (e.g., the Supreme):

GO 620 WiFi = 1PN6.019.00
GO Essential = 1PN6.002.10 (if you don't have the RDS cable)
GO Essential = 1PN6.002.11 (if you do have the RDS cable)

Are you saying you're having trouble getting it to talk to MyDrive Connect (your first sentence leads me to think so). You should see a new device appearing in MyDrive connect under one of the 3 names I mentioned at the top.

If you already had an email/password account set up with TomTom for your old 5100 World device, you can continue to use that with your 1PN6 device.

TomTom sets up activation on a serial number basis, so in communication with them, be sure that the number they have is accurate.
What would be nice is to know exactly what device model you have
because GO Suprême or GO 620 have free speed cameras for the life of the device.
Hello, thanks for all the helpful replies.

I was a little dishonest when I said that I recently changed my TT. I actually bought the new TT about a year ago but due to certain circumstance I did not use it until now.

When I go to settings/system/about I find that the page is headed TomTom Go Essential but I was not aware(!!??) that this was the TT’s name. The page also shows the serial number and tells me that the traffic service is activated but the Speed camera updates expired.

When I log into my TT account on the web I am informed that my speed camera update service has been purchased but must be activated.

I next connect one end of a genuine TT USB lead to my TT and the other end to a USB 2.0 port on my computer (not to a USB expansion port) and then go to the computer MyDrive app. I get a page which, though very confusing (due to the weird overlays), eventually gives me the option to add a new device.

I follow the instructions on the pc mydrive app and go to the TT and select settings/mydrive. I am informed that I am logged into my correct TT account with the correct email address, I am given the option to stop syncing which I refuse. There are no other options.

Next I go back to the mydrive app on the pc and select continue. After doing this I cannot see the new device I should have setup.
Any help gratefully received.
I understand you purchased the radar service without selecting GO Essential as the GO is not registered with Tomtom.

So you must register your GO on your Tomtom account.

To download your speed cameras to your GO, you must do so via Wi-Fi or install Mydrive connect on your computer.
At my age I don't get many Eureka moments, but earlier today I had a bright idea. What do you do to a computer when it malfunctions! You restart it and if that, and all else, fails a full reset may be needed. So I did a reset on the Go Essential and to my amazement everything in the setup process then worked as expected, I now have fully functioning updates on my Go Essential.

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