TomTom Hardware registered as Network Card

Dec 8, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
4ev5.001.02 I think its 1535
Hello , in my stupidity, i let windows automatically configure my device, I was doing 4 things at once. now i cannot change it, i tried removeing it from the device manager, renaming the device drivers, XP SP3 OS. I tried finding other drivers with no success. not sure whats left short of installing windows, which is not really an option at the moment. I think my hardware is a 1535, i only have a Model number: 4EV52 Z1230

Any help would be apreciated at the moment
Your 1535 will not show as a removable drive as previous model would. It should show under Network Connections in Control Panel.

The user has no access to the file system on that model.

You need the MyTomTom app ( for the 1535 and not Home 2.
Don't go about fiddling the device drivers .. if you have had another TomTom previously, understand that this is a whole different animal.

Your 1535 is a mini-server. Although it is connected by a USB cable, the driver that is loaded when you install these units is a USB to TCP bridge .. it's running TCP/IP across the USB port. You mustn't fiddle with that bridge driver or you won't be able to connect your 1535 to your computer. That 'bridge' software is what creates the appearance of another network card - it's a 'virtual NIC'.

As dhn makes clear, you won't be able to see these new devices as external drives in My Computer, and you will need to be sure you have downloaded and installed the newer MyTomTom (not Home) software to give you a user interface, such as it is, to your new unit.

Installing this software "MyTomTom app ( "
resolved my issue, thank you

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