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May 8, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
As this is my first post here I would like to start by thanking all that make this site possible. Even though I have never previously posted I have done plenty of reading and used the site as my main resource for TomTom information.

I currently own a GO 720 which has served me flawlessly since day one (and still does). I was considering upgrading to a newer model that features map updates but after plenty of reading about the new models not using Home 2, not being able to do back ups, and being slower than my 720, I think it may be wise to stay with my current model but have the following questions:

- Do the newer models have more POI and better maps than what is available for my 720?
- Do the newer models offer better routing and re-routing than my 720?
- Will my 720 run out of memory and not be able to hold the latest maps?
- Is there any reason to not just keep updating my 720 and continue to use it?
- Is there something to be gained by going to a newer model?

My current map version is v850.2781, if the current models are inferior than I will just purchase the updated maps for the 720. The only maps that I will ever need are Canada and the USA.

If the conclusion is to stay with my 720 because the newer models won't provide anything more than what I have than my next concern is to have a replacement in case my 720 dies. Is there a model that one can still purchase new that will have the same speed as the 720? My main criteria is:

- Fast processor and no lag.
- Quick re-routing.
- Being able to continue to use Home 2 for back ups.
- Current POI data available.
- Large POI data base.

Sorry for all the questions in one post but this may save plenty of future posts.

Thanks in advance for any information you are able to provide.
Keep the 720.

Because the 720 uses a card slot for a sdhc card, running out of memory is not an issue. The mapping on newer models is somewhat faster but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

The poi data set on newer maps will be somewhat more current of course but the 720 will have the same pois as the newer map on a newer model.

The newer models can't use Home 2 or do complete backups.

Map version 890 is due out within a week or so. So wait and upgrade then.
A newer model can bring you some benefit, but at the same time, there are features on your 720 that no current unit can duplicate.

Newer units certainly have no better lag in terms of screen presses.
Routing can be faster on the newer units, but rerouting likely not.
Forget using Home for backups. You can back up certain user supplied content on the new units, but that's all.
POI is a function of memory model. The units with larger internal memory get larger POI sets, just as used to be the case. Even your 720 wasn't being offered the "large" POI set because it only had 2GB of internal memory -- in spite of the fact that you could install a very large SD card!

Assuming you wind up looking at the latest crop of TomTom units...

Possible losses include:
no line-out feature without a dock that is not available in North America (again!)
no FM out and no MP3 player
no itinerary planning (although you can add 3 'via' points after you start, but none of the infinite number of 48 waypoint files you used to be able to use)
ability to really control specific content on your unit down to the file level and to fully back up your unit
no ability to add 3rd party applications

Real benefits to a brand new unit include:
larger screen size (moving from your 4.3" to 5" to (soon) even 6" screens).
possibility of owning a "Live" unit that obtains far better traffic data than the old RDS cable could on a 720
possibility of buying a unit with a lifetime map subscription

There are other differences, but that should give you an idea. It's largely a matter of how you use your unit. It may be worth your while to look at a new one, or you may find features missing on those that cause you to hang on tight to that 720. I know that my 740 is staying with me!
GO 730 Replacement

My Go 730 gave up the ghost. I would like to replace it but don't know with what.
I only use it for vacation trips in North America (US and Canada) and listen to audiobooks on the MP3 player. Tyre was used for itinerary planing (as well as Google maps).
There are many devices available but I do NOT need anything sophisticated.
Despite my problems (battery replaced, touchscreen failed) i liked the device.

Any hints or suggestions???
Thanks for the quick response,

The touchscreen connector inside appears to be defective. When I move (slightly) the flex tape, it appears to work somewhat ( I get the screen to light up and sometimes even voice commands). The touch screen does not respond to inputs (previous forum question).
Since I can not determine if the connector or the touchscreen assembly is the problem, buying a touchscreen assembly (as you recommended) seems a little risky. I just as soon invest in a replacement unit if I can find something suitable.
New member here. Looks like a great place to seek for info and advice. My first question and post reply is: I have an 2007 GO 910. Car/Windshiel mount and hard wired for power and microphone for hands free/Bluetooth. It has been a very good device but I am having trouble with it keeping a connection on the car mount. Not sure if it is fixable but I am thinking I may have to update it to a new model. However, I do not have any idea which model is best comparable to the 910. Any suggestions from the forum members would be appreciated.

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