Problems with som POI information.

Jul 11, 2010
When I'm using my Go950 I get 3light candles in an icon with a sound being played, and to me it looks like it's telling me where a church is or something. But I don't want that information, because it's very anoying when I'm driving.

When I check the POI in my Go950 I can't find that icon in the POI list, and the icon for a church looks like a church, and that icon isn't selected as a POI I want my gps to show.

Anyone know where I can disable the 3 light candle icon, or know what that icon is for?




If you have Safety cameras active or speed alerts that could be giving you the Church symbols and alerts. I found the safety alerts too annoying so I disabled them. I was experiencing similar sounds and had no idea why. Like you I looked for the symbol and couldn't find any POI's that I knew of that were using those symbols.

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