Having some problems and need some help!?!?!

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by aggiesrwe03, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    Hey guys and girls I just bought a tomtom 720 and so far so good but I do have some issues I would like addressed (sorry if theese things have already been talked about I searched and found no answers so here I am) first off I am having some MAJOR issues with bluetooth and FM Transmitter I`ll get a call on my Phone (iphone 3g I know that there are some compatibility issues as far a getting plus services) and the speaker will stop working all together I have checked all setting on tomtom and my phone and they all seem to be opperating even after hanging up the speaker still does not work (unit has to be turned off then back on. secondly is the fm transmitter works fine for navigation but doesnt seem to work for media player and thoughts?? next is mp3 playback all together I add music to the device and it wont play any of it it says "error playing selected track" it wont even play the pre-installed music or audiobooks that came on it not on speaker, or fm transmitter. finally (this is more of an all around question than one specific to my unit) I live outside a larger town and I run fire and EMS in the county I live in I want to use the unit to help navigate to calls but it seems the county roads are all labeled by the town they are closest to rather than the county they are in is there anyway using map correction or any other feature to change the name of the town the road is in so I can default them all to my county name. I happen to live where 3 zip codes, and mail routes intersect so the road I live on is listed by the post office and zip code as Caldwell, Texas which is 15 miles away. The electric company I have has my service area as Somerville, Texas which is 20 miles away. But the closest town I actually live to is Snook, Texas which is 5 miles away. See my deliema? I`m trying to decide if I should return my unit and get a Garmin or Magellen so please any help I could get would really help me Thanks!! other than that I really like the unit it, it seems to have ALOT of great features at a reasonable price considering the other units that are comparable (bluetooth, FM Transmitter ETC.) cost at the cheapest $100 dollars more but can be as much as double!!

    one last question (sorry) is there any way to mark my favorites with an icon on the display map itself and does this model allow me to customize my icons if so how if not what units do.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    aggiesrwe03, Oct 6, 2008
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