Having problems with my new TOMTOM

Sep 2, 2011

I just bought a refurbished XL LIVE IQ ROUTES but I'm having issues with it.

The first is when I power it on, I get an odd screen with the options Stop Start or skip on it. I'm sure this isn't right!!!

The second is none of the live options work, all I ever get is sim card error.

Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions??


Can you please let us know what exact model of TomTom you have? There are various LIVE models in the UK.

ON the bottom it just says IQ Routes

when I plug it in to the PC it recognises it as TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes Edition
Its a white screen, split into 3rds almost. Has a T on it.

On top of the T is has the word "skip"

Left hand side of the vertical it says "stop"

Right hand side it says "start"
Sounds like there may be a script file installed on it.

Plug in to your PC. Look for a folder in the root called "script". Delete the files within that folder.
I have seen the exact screen you're seeing...
It's a basic factory check that SHOULD have been removed before sending it out.

However, when I 've seen it, if I select "Start" it does a quick check off the SIM card and then I never see it again.

But if you've got a SIM card issue, then maybe it will keep trying.

Sorry, but I think you might be sending it back....

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