Having problems with my TomTom XL

Sep 2, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom One-XL EU IQ
Hi, new to the site but i wondered if anyone can help with some of the issues i have with the tomtom.

I bought a new TomTom One-XL IQ EU about a month ago, the day before i was due to drive to the south of France. I got it home, installed the updates and charged it up. The next day i set it for my destination, about 400 miles away. It found the route but took a good 10 minutes to find a signal. Which i thought was odd, getting into my journey it started to lose its signal but it did get me to where i wanted to be.

You could be driving along and suddenly the car on the screen would jump into the field next to you, or the screen would go dark and all signal would be lost for about 5 minutes.

However it was still taking ages and ages to find a signal each time i turned it on. Not exactly great that in somewhere you dont know you have to drive for 10 minutes until it sorts itself out. Anyway through the holiday it was near hopeless, rarely having a signal and it seemed to go slower than the car was traveling.

It was getting worse to get a signal and worse at losing its signal, so i took it back and got another one, exactly the same model. However i did not install updates until now, as i wanted to see if it was something i had done wrong with the old one. So with this i just turned it on and used it.

Ive used this one a few times now and it can take between 5-10 minutes to find a signal again, surely this is not right? I had the older TomTom One before this and that was near instant at finding signals, this is hopeless.

Ive updated the maps and everything else, it doesnt seem to lose its signal once it has found it, but then again i only had this problem with the one i took back when i was in the south of the UK and not up here in the northeast.

Any help much apreciated, before i go and get my money back :eek:

Thanks, Chris.
What car do you have the unit in and does it have an athermic windscreen? Also you need to make sure its got a GPS position fix before you move off, once moving without a position fix the device will struggle to locate the signal - Mike
There are some threads regarding the GPS Quick Fix, one suggestion to do, after you have plugged in and go to TT to check for updates and get everything that is available and they say loaded and done, before you unplug go up to the top left of the screen where it says "DEVICE", click on that then click on disconnect, look at the bottom of your TT screen and see if you see (on mine) it's a yellow line that goes across the screen, this just complete's the down loading and then you will get a screen that Say's ok to disconnect the device.
Try that and see if you pick satellites quicker and things work better..:confused::D
I have the same problem as Chris, albeit on an older One 2nd Edition. Here is some additional information. For me, the problem has started all of a sudden. I've been using the device for quite some time, always in the same car, always in the same way. I never had any problems, until one day it started jumping off into the field next to the highway or losing signal on a clear tree-less highway and taking forever to get it back. I do not believe it was correlated to an update, but I may be wrong. An update seemed to have improved the situation for a little while (again, it may just be a perception), but currently it is back to being quite unusable.

Any further advice? I am ready to get a new navigator.

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