Problem loading USA and Canada SD card heeeellllppppp!

Jul 12, 2011
I have borrowed a fiends TomTom GO920 to take on holiday to Florida. It works fine in Uk but when I insert the TomTOm USA and Canada SD card I cannot get beyond the opening screen. It just freezes on me and I am unable to even turn the TomTom off unless I press the reset button in which case it turns off but doesn't resolve the issue. Would really appreciate help to overcome this issue. Many thanks.
The card should be a sdhc card, not a sd card.

More importantly, is the USA_Canada map one that was purchased for that specific unit? If not, it won't work if it was downloaded from the TomTom site.

IF the map was purchased on a sd card, in theory it should work in any unit with a sd card slot as the 920 has.

Report back.
This card has been used many times by the owner of the tomtom and he has never encountered a problem before so I would assume definitely a software glitch of some description. I intend to try the card in a friends tom tom to try and rule out a problem with the card. Thanks
You haven't answered the important question. Were the maps originally on the card? (or downloaded). If NOT on the card, they will NOT work on any other unit than the one originally installed upon... All this assumes the maps are legitimate and not hacked.......
Yes the maps were originally on the card and have only ever been used on this device. I now also have another issue, my reset button has broken so am unable to turn the machine off until battery is run down. Great!!!!
The reset button on the bottom shouldn't affect the power on/off button on the top of the unit.

If the maps came on the card (rather than being downloaded from TomTom) then I don't think even copying them to a different card will work because of built in copy protection.

When the card is inserted into the unit, are you saying the unit doesn't recognize the maps when you go to manage maps-->switch maps??
Unit starts up ok with built in UK maps. When I insert USA and Canada official TomTom SD card the unit loads up and then freezes on first page. The unit will then not turn on or off unless I press the reset button. I took it to work this afternoon to let a colleague try the SD card in his unit and it worked perfectly. But, when he pressed reset on my unit, he was heavy handed and dislodged it so now I have 2 problems with a unit that doesn't even belong to me, talk about bad luck. I will have to get the reset button fixed out of courtesy (Have you an estimation of cost?) and then hopefully the same engineer will be able to sort out my other problem with the loading of the maps. Finding a sat nav repair centre locally is proving to be a nightmare but that is another story!
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