Any problems downloading new V850 map?

Jun 22, 2010
Hi, I just want to know did anyone encounter problems downloading the new 850 map? Do I really need to backup my gps map before downloading the new map? I read someone said the download takes 4 hours is that using DSL or land/phone line? Thanks
Map download

I had no problem at all. Start to finish took 1.5 hours with cable. DO AN EXPLORER BACKUP before you do anything.
You don't say what model you have but it definitely can take quite a while not only to download but to install on some models (like the non Go 540) which is only usb 1.1 compliant.

You definitely DO want to back uo the current map folder using Explorer prior to the new download.

Sometimes things go wrong and some find their current map removed but the new map hasn't been installed properly. You do not want that experience.

Also, you may find favourites are not carried over to a new map. you'll need the backed up mapsettings.cfg file in the current map to help with that problem.

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