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Dec 4, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Start 20
I recently bought a Start with Europe maps (I'm in Australia) with the intention of loading up destinations before a trip. It looks like buying a Start was a mistake. Is it possible to add a list of destinations (addresses) in advance without a GPS signal?


Welcome to TTF.

The Start is a low end model with limited menu options. That said, you could try to add Favourites, Address, then in the next screen select the country you wish, then city, street, and number.

Continue with other favourites in the same manner. You have a limit of 48.

When in Europe........

Plan Route-->Favourite.


Thanks for the reply. I tried to enter an address but I think I had the format wrong. I'll persevere. I have also just started playing around with TT Home and Tyre.

Buying the Start was in some ways a good thing, because of the fact that it is simple. We won't be able to practise with any model of Tomtom until we get to Europe, so the easier the better.
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