POI + symbol on the 620 models

Oct 26, 2018
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I recently bought the 620 moel and apart from it being vastly different from previous models have been happy. I tried the other day to add some POI's oon therre and was shocked to discover that you cannot add the symbol like you could on the older models. I emaile TomTom and they seem to have ignored my e-mail.

i was wondering if anyone else on here had the same response or any other from them? It seems like they hae taken a step backwards which is a bit mad.

Thanks for the reply. I know, such a shame, I was asking if anyone on this forum had asked TomTom about it, I was interested to see if they had any plans to give a software 'fix' at some point as .I don't understand it.
The only way we are likely to ever be able to add custom POI icons is if they change the MyDrive web system to accept icons along with the POI files, and we haven't seen any activity in that direction yet. Not sure if there ever will be. So for now you are stuck with their factory icon set.

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