Pay to update Tomtom One 130 S or new TomTom?

Aug 14, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom One 130S
I have had a TomTom One 130S for about six years. Should I buy a new one or should I pay to update the maps? Advice appreciated, please. I am going to Florida and want current locations and accurate directions. Thanks much.


Very irritated, paid $79 for map update & Illinois not on my GPS

:mad:Well, I paid $79 for a map update for my TomTom One 130S and now the state that I live in which is Illinois is not even on my GPS. What a letdown!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do now, what a waste of my money.:mad:
Check if you have Map Zones. You may need to download one that includes Illinois?

I just updated my ONE V2 (about a year older than yours IIRC) with 905 "USA_and_Canada" maps (I'm guessing "North America" was gone with the new set of devices?)

IL is on my device.
Maqny newer models come with lifetime maps BUT they all use MyTomTom as they are Nav 3 devices, unlike yours which uses Home 2.

A somewhat steep learning curve is involved.

I don't believe your model has IQ routing. That allows for more accurate routing and estimated ETA's.

See this link for a reference guide of models.....

I don't know if it matters but my ONE New Edition (North America model) doesn't have bluetooth handsfree but it uses bluetooth for traffic (mostly non-smartphone phones can pair. My iPhone cannot).

Also, it has TomTom Buddies and TomTom Weather (under TomTom PLUS Services button)
Please, is there a phone number to contact TomTom? I would appreciate it
As I have been on the computer for hours trying to get
A map update for $79.95 and I am so frustrated as I will admit
I am tech challenged. Now, when I turn my TomTom on, all I see
Is funny little symbols that look like traffic lights. I had no idea what I
Was getting into or I never would have paid the fee for updates. :sad:




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