ONE 125 came out of package with a screen that has fine lines and is blurry

Aug 25, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
one 125
Got this ONE 125 as a gift from Grandma. After I opened the sealed package, charged it. THe screen comes up with fines lines all across it and is blurry. using it for directions works fine if I could only see thru the fine lines and blurred screen to see where I am going. not on warranty anymore(of course). Trying to find a way to cure this blurriness????
Tried rebooting, and more. Any suggestions out there??
How long did you charge the battery for? Try for at least a few hours...................
That's not a problem I've seen before. Any chance you could provide a reasonably sharp photo of the screen showing the problem as you see it? ("macro" setting may be required, if you have it on your camera)
above is a photo of what my screen looks like you can hopefully see there are fine lines and a certain fogginess to the picture. when I press on the screen everything works but I just can not read anything clearly. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
How long did you charge the battery for? Try for at least a few hours...................
oh, yes it has been charged for enough time. putting in directions is not a problem, I just can't see them.
My guess is that it's a hardware fault.
As a first suggestion I would try opening up the case and VERY carefully unlatching the large flat ribbon cable which connects the screen to the main circuit board, then re-attaching it.

Instructions and videos on how to open the case are available on the web for most models if you do a Goole search for "Battery change on TomTom xxx".

The ribbon cable connector has two TINY latches at the ends which need to be lifted up or out with something like a jewellers screwdriver (they should only move a mm or two) and the cable should then pull out easily. Wipe the old contacts on a piece of tissue and replace.

If that doesn't fix it, you 'll need to replace the screen (it's easiest to replace it AND the digitiser as a single unit), they are usually available on eBay.
Agreed. You only want to lift those little latches a tiny bit to release the flex cable. We've had a number of owners try to lift them to 90 degrees and break them. The total angle you can and need to lift them isn't more than about 30 degrees, tops.

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