Now I'm thinking of returning my 720 for another at CompUSA!??!

Sep 20, 2008
Tampa, FL USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
Well, NOW AFTER I purchased my 720 from Radio Shack, CompUSA decides to sell the 720 for 169.99 as well! UGH! I originally bought my ONE XL from CompUSA locally and loved it. I love that they offer a 1 year warranty, and they also allow you to purchase an additional 1 year warranty which kicks in AFTER the manufacture's warranty for $29.98. This is what I did with my ONE XL. The extra 1 year warranty is also transferable (which I just did when I sold my ONE XL, I transfered the warranty to the buyer)

What pisses me off is that I can buy this GPS locally, get the 1 year warranty, AND purchase an additional year warranty.

Radio Shack has to SHIP me my item since it's a web only special, only comes with a 6 month warranty, and they don't allow you to purchase any additional warranty for web orders. I'm thinking on refusing the FedEx guy when he gets here tomorrow, or just do it the right way and request a refund for this 720 I just ordered.

What would YOU guys do? This just gets me upset because when I ordered this device on Thursday, CompUSA didn't have this special going on at the time. *sigh*

Am I wrong for wanting to return it and get the CompUSA one instead?

Here's the CompUSA link.

After reading the Radio Shack return policy, it says I can even return the item to a local store instead of shipping it back. That would be great since I won't be losing a single penny. I even got free shipping with the radio shack offer. Radio Shack charged me tax as well which would also be refunded.

My total cost at Radio Shack with 6 month warranty + tax was $181.89
My total cost at CompUSA with 1 year warranty + tax would be $181.89
My total cost at CompUSA with 2 year warranty + tax would be $211.97

If it were YOU, would you return the Radio Shack one and buy the CompUSA deal? And also, if it were YOU, would you purchase the extra 1 year replacement warranty for $29.98? The extra 1 year warranty would be a full replacement warranty for an equal or greater value item.

I could always just keep the Radio Shack 720 with 6 month warranty and hope for the best and take extra care of the device... *long sigh*
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I would go with the Compusa deal with the 2 year warranty....$ 30.00 is a good deal for the extra " replacement " warranty.

Return the unopened package to radioshack ( open it at the store in front of salesperson )

I'm not sure if Radio Shack will allow me to return to the store (since it was a web special only) but either way, I will purchase the 720 from CompUSA tomorrow and ship out the Radio Shack 720 tomorrow if they don't allow the store return. I'm almost too lazy to do any of this now.. err..

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