No Device Connected - loop of pain - please help!

Dec 31, 2014
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Please help us. We are trying to update maps on a TomTom Via 280 for the first time. We are in a loop of doom - having installed MyDrive and TomTom Home and done it all over and over but we cannot get the device to talk to the PC.
Frustrated. Please help if you can. (We have already uninstalled and reconnected as previous forum user suggested)

Thank you, happy new year!
TomTom Home won't do you any good -- it was designed for the prior generation and won't be able to see your 280 at all. You'll need to stick with MyDrive.

Now .. when you plug your 280 into your PC, do you get the indication from the PC itself that something was connected? It should appear as (believe it or not) a network card. The MyDrive software converts the USB connection to a logical 'ethernet' connection. What kind of PC operating system, by the way?

Having gotten MyDrive running, you should find that connecting your 280 causes a browser window to open up for MyDrive. At a minimum, look in the systray (lower right) for two tiny hands in a bit of a circle. If you right click on it, it should bring up a more or less square box that says TOMTOM MYDRIVE at the bottom. Are you seeing that?

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