Device not connected, SD card not formatted!!! About to give up

Feb 1, 2011
I think that I will have to give up on this soon!! At work we have a number of TomTom One units that are not working (boxes and paperwork lost) Im trying to get them working again but am stuck on the first one. The unit was missing the SD card so i have bought a new card (which works fine in my camera) but which, when i attach the unit to my PC is says needs to be formatted and only recognises as drive D 'device with removable storage' not a TomTom (although in the control panel it can see a TomTom One). I have formatted the card but it makes no difference.
Also when I plug the unit into the PC the Home programme cannot see that a device is connected. In fact when the unit is turned on there is no option to do anything via the unit as a picture of a TomTom with a lead attached comes up and nothing else.
Please help!!!
There are many different models all with the name ONE in them, confusingly.

Only some of them came with a sd card slot such as One 2nd Edition Regional and One 2nd edition Europe.

The information in this link may help you to identify exactly what you have.

If the computer does recognize the unit when it is connected, which it appears it does, then you can try this.

Connect to the computer. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Connect to Home and see if an application is offered. If so, accept and install.

There is still the issue of what map you have. Do you see a specific map folder on the unit when you look at the unit using Explorer?

Also, yours may a model where everything runs off the sd card (not sdhc and no larger than 2 gigs max).

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