TomTom go 720: no device connected / no maps found

Feb 11, 2011
Hi there,
I'm new to the forum but decided to join as at a complete loss...

Bought a tomtom go 720 a few years ago and never had any problems (also never used any memory cards). Now when I connect to tomtom home it says "no device connected" even when the tomtom is connected with usb cableand switched on.

Also can't find any of our maps on the acual tomtom but as computer doesn't seem to "recognise" the tomtom I can't even start to resolve this. Does anybody have aby ideas?

Thank you :)

Welcome to TTF.

The first thing to try is a pin reset on your unit. Then connect to the computer and see if the unit is recognized now.

The pin reset often 'cures' this problem.
Can also confirm that poking something into that reset hole in the bottom used to get my 720 connecting to my PC again. Actually had to do it every time after updates there for about a year or so. Dedicated paper clip! Never did figure out why. Then it just started behaving again.

Once you're connected again, and assuming maps don't reappear for you, do you have backups of your unit on your PC? Have you ever updated your maps?

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