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Mar 30, 2018
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 25
I have owned my Tom Tom Start for about 3 years. I tried to update it and add some European maps a year ago. I keep getting the message "device not connected". The instructions on what to do are unbelievably complicated for a non-techie like me.

Why are there so many models?
Why are there two operating devicesm- Tom Tom Home and TomTom Connect + ?
How am i supposed to know which one to use?
Why isn't the model no written on the machine anywhere? (Packaging is long gone)

I finally paid £35 for a guy to come out from our local computer repair place and he downloaded the maps.

I was busy whilst he did it and did not see what he did but he told me it was straightforward now.

So .... today I plug in my Tom Tom to my computer. I go to the icon on my Start up page and click it. I connect my device to
the computer and guess what "no device connected"

Makes me want to throw the ~~~~~~~ thing out of the window.

When I looked into updating the service I discovered that I had both Tom Tom Coonect AND Tom Tom Home installed on my computer.
Which one to use????

Is there any online live advice service which could talk me through what to do.

Or is it another £35 to just update the machine and add a map?
You are correct. A Start 20 does require MDC, not Home. Earlier Start models did use Home.
Generally, it should not matter if you have both programs on the PC as the device will only be recognised by the correct one.
Thank you for feedback. I suppose it depends which system you open? I also got the impression from the Help section that if the system was not fully updated (also if ones Windows system were not fully updated) it would still not recognise the device. Neither worked initially, so I uninstalled them both and re-installed them one at a time. The re-installed Connect finally worked. High maintenance for a sat nav but at least i know now to update the system before attempting to update the device.
I have HOME and MDC on my computer.
When I connect the GO 930 via the USB cable. HOME starts up and will first request system updates to be installed before maps, etc.
When I connect the newer devices MDC starts up, shows which device is connected and show if there are any updates. Clicking on those, it shows what is available but again, system updates get priority over maps.

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