New GPS user basic help wanted

May 7, 2009
I cannot believe that the little user guide doesn't tell me how to store addresses. How do I do that? I've looked around the menus and can't see an obvious one.
Can someone please let me know? Or do you know of a beginners user guide that I can download?
Preference-->Manage Favourites-->Highlight the one you want and 'delete'.

Think that's how it's done.
I cannot believe that the little user guide doesn't tell me how to store addresses.
Hi Janet and KittyMini,

Welcome to the forum. The more you use your TomTom, the more questions you'll have about how to do more "advanced" (i.e. helpful) things, many of which are built-in but that "little users guide," which is is mainly only oriented toward getting the power connected and driving from A to B, does little good beyond that.

You'll find a much more detailed manual for your particular device in the site under Find my Manual. Be sure to get the one for your specific device. I recommend pulling it down as a PDF and having it always available. You WILL refer to it a lot!

However, if stills falls short of what a lot of users need to know, and thus, this Forum. You'll find the Forum's'Search facility very handy

Enjoy your TomTom. We're all having great fun and interesting "progress" in the navigation field.

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