MyTomTom new map download and CISCO router

Apr 3, 2011
I bought a TomTom GO 1005 and installed software and tried to download the new maps.
It went up to 2GB (80%) and then stoppped. I tried different computer/virus software ... no luck.
Then I tried from a different location (ISP and router) and it worked.

After more investigation I found that the CISCO router WRVS4400N IPS (intrustion prevention system) finds something in the map that matches a 'bad' signature and the download stops.
After disabling IPS for http it works - so now I have to run without IPS while updates are downloaded and then enable it.

Just thought someone might see the same issue ...
regards Peter



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
TomTom Model(s)
1535 LIVE; Via 1605; Go 50; Go 520
:welcome: to TTF and thanks so much for that valuable input. I've seen posts once or twice regarding the router being the problem and your information may cause more frustrated users to look in that direction for a solution.


May 31, 2011
Just wanted to give this a bump as this just happened to me. I'm in a hotel with a brand new GO 2535 and had the thing plugged in all night long, and never downloaded a thing. The hotel room has a Cisco 575 LRE device that was apparently blocking the map download. I disabled the wired network and popped in my USB WiMAX adapter and I'm now downloading the map as I type this.

I JUST NOW discovered that you can get download progress by left-clicking the MyTomTom icon. Right-clicking does nothing and hovering over the icon just says "Downloading items for your TomTom GO 2535." Been a long time since I saw a tray app that only responded to left-click but there you go. Also the MyTomTom site just sat there at 1% forever, not indicating any problems, but if you refreshed the page, then it just said the TomTom didn't need any downloads (which was false). Seems like the web interface could use some improvement, but I'm mainly just happy it's finally downloading. Thanks!

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