Map Purchases on MyTomtom for app 10.x


Dec 19, 2008
Boston, MA, USA
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Tomtom posted an announcement that it has launched Map Update Service, and map purchases on MyTomtom for the UK & Netherlands. More countries to come within a month.

(I can't verify first hand as I'm in the USA)
Hmmmm.... if it's there, it's rather well-hidden!

I just connected a NAV3 device (currently with v860 maps) to MyTomTom and there is nothing to say that new maps are available (it says "your device is upto date")

Also, the text in the left-hand panel still says:
Coming soon:
Map Update Service, Funny voices, Personalised POI's, Map Share changes and much more.

And if you use the "Shop" link at the top of the screen, it just takes you to the normal TT mapshop site where you can put in a NAV3 device name in the drop-down box and it then says:
Currently this functionality is not available for your device. To ensure you always drive with the latest map, we offer our Map Update Service.
Visit the Map Update Service page to find out if you are still up-to-date.

Maybe it's going to be another "staged release" over the coming days or weeks! :rolleyes:
I recieved the following message on my twitter page from tomtom:

We just released several new features on MyTomTom including MUS / single map purchase in UK/NL. More countries to come soon!

But i see no new features.
Welcome to TTF.

It may be the offered by unit serial number just as map updates were and will be rolled out over time.

Or, it may also be another case of the Marketing department getting ahead of the Development people. :(
Thanks dhn, Its seems to be the usual case with TomTom lately. Bad communication with each other and also with there customers. I read all over the forums about people opting for other GPS systems due to TomTom's lack of communication and broken promises. I myself am willing to go with the flow as i have been with TomTom since Go 300 first came out and upgraded every new device that has come out.
This page appears to work for UK owners to buy Map Update Service, but the single map purchase link doesn't seem to work.
I'm in the UK thanks for the link ..although i now use a Navigon 70 Premium Live and its the Dogs B??????s. Tomtom Go 1000 is now up for sale. I'm not spending any more money on that brick

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