my TomTom still not connecting

Jan 8, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
I feel I have tried everything on any forum and support page I have read, but I feel I am getting nowhere...

2xPC's both windows 7 and 8, 2 different genuine TomTom usb leads, rebooted pc's several times, disabled firewalls and anti virus software, reset TT (drum roll) reinstalled myTomTom, checked flash player is up to date
When physically connected, it states it is charging, but not connected to the PC, the PC also does not register any new connection.
Anyone have any ides???
You mention MyTomTom but it is now MyDrive. Is that what you meant?

And the 1005 should show as a network connection, not an external drive in My Computer.

Also, make sure you are not using a USB 3 Drive.

See if anything HERE helps.
Sorry yes I meant mydrive.
When I connect there is no changes in device manager - no network device, no usb device - no discernable activity at all that would indicate that I've connected the device at all (except for the charging light comes on the Tom Tom. No icon on the TT1005 either. Tried all the trouble shooting tips in the link provided.
Also tried my trusty old PC (which only has USB 2 ports) - still not connecting. I guess my 2nd replacement TomTom is also faulty.
Not looking good for Tom Tom - may be time to get the Garmin out of retirement...
I am trying to follow.
You installed MyDrive Connect and plugged in the device via the USB cable to the PC and the device is switched on.
You then clicked the red TomTom icon in the tray and MyDrive Connect popped up.

Can you make a screen print or picture of that pop up Window and post it here.
Called Tom Tom their diags uncovered that I have yet another faulty 1005 and they have agreed to replace it FOC - just when I had got the Live traffic alerts working!
Still it does not bode well for Tom Tom"s reliability or it repeat customer ratings.
I certainly wouldn't buy another one.

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