myTomTom will not install update, and still has "Waiting for a valid GPS signal..."

Jan 7, 2008
I've been trying to resolve this on and off for weeks, ever since the great TomTom Easter weekend service fail. It's still unresolved, and I'm no idiot. TomTom please assist. Your Twitter team in response to my call for help just said "Sorry"

Problem is: "Waiting for a valid GPS signal" is continuous unless I hard reset.

So, I understand I need v11 software to get round having to reset the Golive 825 I have by holding down power for 20 seconds until I 'get the drums'. Without doing this the GPS never kicks in.

However every time I run the update it gets to 99% and hangs. Or the device powers off before installed, so I have to restart, but to restart I have to clear the cache in myTomTom which makes the download start again. Without clearing the cache myTomTom just hangs on 'connecting.."

I'm on an Apple MBP, and here's the visual proof of the problem

System hang on 99% (+20mins)

If I try to install speed camera updates or other content meantime, and bypass this update I get this screen"

And if I reconnect the device after it powers down without clearing the app cache I get this

Right now I have NO WAY of updating my TomTom to v11 and so have to hard reset every time I turn it on.

The whole myTomTOm and /getstarted web management interface isnt working. Bring back Home.

Give me a solution, and dont try "have you tried it on a PC"



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Though it appears you have been a member here at TTF for over four years, I see that this is your first post. In that time, I hope you noticed we are NOT affiliated with TomTom the company in any way.

Have you tried CS at 0845 161 0009 ??

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