TomTom ONE IQ Routes Edition still frozen.

Jul 25, 2009
May be it was my fault, I started update my device, then battery wasn't fully charged. Now nothing helps to turn my TomTom ONE on. I tried this and every kind Application renew, including error checking and formatting of TOM TOM memory. I still see TOMTOM start up screen after turning device on or restarting it. Are there some possibilities to solve the problem?
It didn't help.
There is also one thing I noticed before. The unit is very slow as a flash drive. An usual flash drive takes about 8 minutes for coping 2 GB, my TOMTOM takes more than 30 minutes. Is it OK?
Quite normal with the One and XL devices being USB 1 where as your card reader should be USB 2 which offers a greater read/ write speed - Mike
If you've backed up your unit, format it with windows.

Then let Tomtom HOME reinstall the application, then map, then voices (in that order).

If HOME doesn't recognize the formatted Tomtom turn it off/on a few times (letting it go all the way to the red X) and try again.
I really can't find there is possible to reinstall a map in TOMTOM HOME from back up. Is there such a possibility?
Just for information: I've tried to turn on the unit without map with only application installed. I've got "No map found" screen.
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If you have the application on the unit and the map folder on a backup, use Explorer and copy the complete map folder from the backup to the unit.
Yes, that's clear. I actually tried to copy map folder using Explorer. TOMTOM freezes again on start up screen after coping. I just thought there is smarter way to install the map.
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And, upon the Explorer restore, it still freezes?

Sounds more and more like some hardware issue, I'm afraid.
It sounds sad. Could map files be damaged? Problems appeared after map update and I have not map backup that was made before update. I did it after.
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If it freezes after a map update, go to "Operate my ONE" and see if it can work properly. If so, rename or add a favorite within the emulator, and close the "Operate my One" emulator by clicking done. Now wait for the red x to disappear on the Tomtom and then click the blue disconnect button on the lower right of HOME.
Try reinstalling a brand new map.

1) close Tomtom HOME
2) move the USA_Canada_Mexico folder from the Tomtom to a backup on your computer
3) move the contents of the maps folder from the Tomtom to a backup on your computer, leave the maps folder present but empty on the Tomtom
4) rename mydocuments\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map to mydocuments\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\mapOLD
5) reopen HOME, and redownload and reinstal your map
There is all clear till point 4. I found "map" folder only in oldest "download" folder which was renamed to "downloadOLD" when I was doing this. I renamed it back to "download" and renamed "map" to "mapOLD".
Then, according to point 5, I found out that only way to install the map again is installing it from "My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\mapOLD". TOMTOM Home suggested itself to do that. I thought, that "redownload" means to download map from TOMTOM server. OK, nothing to lose, I tried to install from “mapOLD”. And after that my TOMTOM started to works properly! No freezing anymore. Two things are bothering me now: what version of map is working on my device and what will happen if I try to update the map? Will TOMTOM freeze again?
Tap the satellite bars to see the application installed. Now, tap the version number to see the map and its version installed.
You probably had a corrupt map on your Tomtom. You had backed up the corruption, reformatted, and reinstalled the corruption from backup. Which is why it froze in the past.

Things are probable working now because the map in downloadOLD wasn't corrupt.

You should have no problems going forward with upgrades, as the corruption is off your system.

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