My GO 520 keeps going to Sleep

Nov 11, 2019
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The battery is full, there is power getting to it but I keep getting the message Power Supply Disconnected Your device will go to sleep in … seconds. It looks like a dodgy connection, it tends to happen when it is moved. I have tried a different cable.
Yes, that's definitely a sign that power is intermittent. Might also be a wonky connection at the cigarette lighter plug. If by any chance you have another full cable assembly or charger/cable assembly with a micro-B connector, you might try that.
It happens when I am running it from home on a direct supply and I have tried different cables
I tried System, Battery Settings, Sleep automatically when disconnected from power to be off and I have not had the message again
True enough, but if you do get a real disconnect that doesn't go away, you'll never know you're on battery power and headed for zero.
If it is equally an issue on AC mains power with different cables, then I'd worry about the connector at the device itself. Not good. Personally, I never DID like the USB Micro-B style connector. Too delicate.
I assume that if you hold the cable down tight to some surface within 6" or so of the device, and then move the device around, you can get it to start a shutdown cycle? That would indicate a problem of the device's connector.
By any chance has this unit taken a few falls from the windscreen?
I always hand hold the device whilst my husband drives. I think you are right that it is the device’s connector. How do I get it fixed?
I have only had the TomTom since May 2018 and we only use it for our holidays, about 4 or 5 times
If it is the device connector itself, then you're going to have a right bugger of a time getting that repaired. I am surprised that it would be failing after so little use. Typically, this only becomes an issue if the device falls off the windscreen and yanks the connector a few times. Try the test suggested -- lock down the cable a foot or so from the unit so that there's no chance anything else towards the cigarette lighter plug can move at all, then move the unit around a little bit to see if you get the shutting down sequence showing up and disappearing as you move the unit. Or also after locking down the cable a foot or so away, just wiggle the connector a LITTLE bit to get the same effect. If that shows up a problem, then we will assume it's the device's connector. That's a rather difficult problem to repair without some real skills with a soldering iron on surface mount parts and the right part.

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