Vehicle dimensions on a Go Pro 520

Dec 7, 2019
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Go Professional 520
Hi folks, I have recently bought a Go Pro 520 as I have started a job as a private hire minibus/small bus driver, driving a variety of vehicles up to a 33 seater.

However, when I try to enter the vehicle dimensions, the width always reverts to 2.60 metres regardless of what I have entered.
Obviously this doesn't fill me with confidence in the unit, so does anyone else have experience of this and can they suggest a remedy please?

I have exchanged my original unit but have encountered the same thing on the new one.

Any suggestions would be welcomed


Dave M
Welcome to TomTomForums.

Hopefully a reader with a GO Pro 520/620 can help you as none of us moderators has a Pro device.

The manual is at [full URL below]

On page 39 it shows to put in the vehicle type and dimensions.
You may also want to have a look at page 138, where Settings are explained.
NOTE: No matter what dimensions you enter for truck or bus, they are being ignored if the installed map is not a specific Truck Map.
Thanks for that response I'll check out the manual and see if it can resolve my issues

Dave M

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