Is a Vehicle Speed Warning Possible (like garmin@55) To warn you when you are exceeding a set speed

Apr 9, 2012
With Garmin you can have a POI file or dataset with a name such as redwood@55 - give it a proximity zone of 1 KM (or .5 miles) and your GPS will warn when you exceed 55 (Mph or Km/H) as you enter the proximity zone for that POI.

Does TomTom have a similar capability in it's POI's?
Most tomtom units have a safety setting 'Warn when driving faster than allowed'. It's not a poi exactly but built into the application/map data.

That said, it also depends upon how accurate the mapping data is for the section of road you are on. However, you can change the road speed using mapshare corrections such that if you are on a stretch that shows 50 kph and it's really 70 kph, for example, you can make that change.
I was hoping for a way to have a POI file that might contain temporary speed reduction zones - like road construction zones. That way the POI file could be revised as the zones were added or removed.
I was checking out current TomTom units (XL 350, XL 335 -SE TM, XXL 350 TM) & none have the 'warn when I exceed the speed' setting. All I see is an 'enable safety alerts' which can be toggled on or off - with no mention in the user manual as to what that is - or- where one could change settings for it. When I toggle it 'on' there is nothing for me to access to set specifics. And when I tried it in Winnipeg, Canada there was no audible or visual warning when I sped or when I approached a red light camera location.

Strange they would remove a feature like that.
All the devices you refer to have the EasyMenu. Look at a full featured one such as the 540.
I am down in Grand Forks, ND this weekend and picked up a TomTom Via 1435. It has the granular menu settings for 'warn me if I am over speed, warn me for school zones, etc.' It audibly warned me as I approached a school zone. When I tried it on a regional street (40 MPH max.) there was no overspeed warning when I went over 45 mph. I was under the impression that the unit would warn of overspeed if it was set to do so.

Is it the case that the overspeed warnings are for only some selected streets or highways & if so how would one find out what types of streets and highways are covered?

Some examples: Interstates? Major provincial highways? Major city streets?
Not all roads (especially smaller ones) having mapping data to include speed limits on them.
Is it the case that the overspeed warnings are for only some selected streets or highways & if so how would one find out what types of streets and highways are covered?

There's no specific types of roads that do or don't have the speed limits. But it's more likely that they will be missing on smaller ones in out-of-the-way places.

You can set the status bar display to show the speed limit, and if there is no speed limit data for a particular road in the mapping then that section of the display will go blank (and you won't get any over-speed warnings).

You can correct any wrong or missing road speeds with MapShare.

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