Internal memory on GO 520 keeps corrupting

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May 16, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO 520
The internal memory of my GO 520 keeps corrupting.
I noticed about a month ago the voices on the TOMTOM stopped working and then the problem became worse and the device wouldn't start up.
Eventually I realized that the internal memory was becoming corrupt so I reformated the internal memory, restored the files back onto the device [from a backup i made about a year ago] and then ran the clear flash utility several times.
The problem is the internal memory just keeps corrupting over and over again. If i run the windows chkdsk utility on the TOMTOM internal memory it reports faults in the file system sometimes even afer a couple of minutes after reinstalling it.

I noticed when I wrote to customer support 2 weeks ago they said that that they were experiencing unusually high volumes of support issues. Did they release and update to the Home application which has actually gone and damaged the internal memory on my device? I noticed in the last few days they have come up with a new section in the technical support page on REPAIRING the device [ie. physically sending the device into them]. It would be helpful to know if TOMTOM may be responsible for when I speak to customer support directly

Any ideas?

p.s. I have also done a soft reset
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Locking this thread since you posted the same question elsewhere and got a reply. Not a good idea to post in more than one forum as answers get 'splintered' and potential responders are unclear where to reply.
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