Transfer of map from internal memory to card

Oct 5, 2008
New Berlin, WI
TomTom Model(s)
I have a TT 720 with Application 8.351. I use TT Home 2.8.2264. I just downloaded the latest North America Map to my internal memory and now want to transfer it to my Scandisk 4GB SDHC card. Using Windows Explorer to view the map folder in the internal memory I see only one small file, North_America_2BG.TLV. The size of this file is 7kb. I was told to transfer this folder to the card but the one file in it seems to small. Do I also need to transfer a serrate folder called, North_America_2GB ? This folder has 158 files in it and is 1.66GB in size. Is there anything else I should know while doing the transfer?
The folder you are looking for is the North_America_2GB folder. That contains your map data. Copying that alone to the SD card should suffice. Be sure you have a copy of that folder on your PC at all times. With that folder, we can resolve nearly any other software related issue if any should occur down the road. Once you have a copy on your PC and your SD card, go ahead and delete that folder from your unit's internal memory.
Nuts - about 30 seconds too slow on the "Submit" button!
I recently added an SDHC card to my 740 after buying the lifetime maps and moving from the new-england to north america map. other than the above mentioned folder what else can, or should, I move to to the card? I assume the more free space on the device, as long as card not over loaded, will result in faster processing. After I installed the NA2GB map I noticed my device started running SLOW in al areas, granted I also updated to the new interface for the first time in two years and all other updates were about 1.5 years old. but I'm pretty sure going from a 6 state map to a 50 state one is the major issue speed wise. @Canderson here's your chance to beat out dhn for getting the first post back in November ;-)
At this point I can't move much more over since the card is only 2gb to begin with but I'm going to upgrade it in about a week so I still need to know what to move, and how to improve speed. :)
Again, moving the map folder to a sdhc card with the faster the speed (class 6+) the better. Your model can take up to a 32 gb sdhc card but that's really overkill. An 8 gb card from a reliable company (not the crap on ebay) should do the job. Also, don't have too many poi categories set to show on the map. (maybe four or five categories max). Otherwise the map refreshing slows down, regardless of whether on a card or internal.
Thank, the poi could be the issue. Idk the class of my card, bought it for my last cell phone and repurposed it when I got a smart phone. I have a lot of poi catagories, will have to see how many show up. I just know that it takes like a minute for it to say a street that has 2 or 3 routes attached to it, like a 5-10sec pause between each time it speaks. Also, int the last day or so I notice if it alerts me of a turn, or if two turns are close together, I'll have turned onto the street before it says to, ie I'm already on main street and 1-2sec later it say "turn left, main street."
I just looked on Amazon and found some cards by a company called Transcend, ever heard of them? I've not so Idk if it's a good company. I mainly use sandisk and a few others.
How about Lexar? I see that one is about twice the price as the Transcend, $15vs$8 I don't mind paying more as long as I'm getting what I'm paying for, and not just a name as we've all done in the past. Thanks for your help with this since Idk much about it; I didn't even know there were classes of SD or SDHC cards until I saw this conversation. I'm so out of it I forgot to search it as micro sdhc on amazon las night until I saw it was too big :lol:!!
I do too but I didn't see an 8gb class 6+ on amazon. I guess between the three companies would you pay more for any of them and if so what % more? Like I said the Transcend is like $8 and the Lexar is $16 and I'd assume a Sandisk I find in a retail store will run about $20. I've never been one to pay for a brand name when I know I can trust another label that is on sale and matches in quality, or performance in this case.
Ever heard the expression, "There are no guarantees in life"? I can't give you an answer. Buy the one you feel you would be comfortable with buying ..........
I hear ya man, You seem to think all are trustworthy and I know I can trust Amazon's return policies if it doesn't work out. thanks a bunch for the help.
Ugh. Your card from the cell is likely a Class 2 (or worse!). Doesn't take much speed to store (slowly) a photo or play back a few mp3 tunes.

Look on the face of the card. There should be a circle (quite small) with a number in it .. 2, 4, 6 etc. If none of those, it's probably not even a Class 2, and you will note a significant performance difference. With your unit, a Class 4 just about gets it done, but a Class 6 buys as much performance as the unit can handle. The GO series runs a faster processor than the older ONE series that also used external cards.

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