Transfer of maps from Navigator 6 to Navigator 7

Sep 16, 2011
Hi all,
first post here as a newbie so be gentle with me please!
I have recently got a new HTC Touch HD smartphone with Navigator 7 installed and would like to install the maps from my old iPaq which had Navigator 6 on it. Can anyone please tell me if this is possible and if so how to go about doing it? Thanks in advance. Dave.
Welcome to TTF.

I've moved your post to a more relevant forum for your query.

Hopefully, those with knowledge in that area will respond.

Be sure to check back.

I'm out of my element here but I know you cannot transfer maps from one TomTom PND to another and think the same applies here. But wait for the experts in this area.
The maps for TTN6 will only work with the TTN6 software, you could try installing the TTN6 maps AND all the software on to a memory card and pop that in to the Touch HD then launch the TTN6 software to use your old maps - Mike

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