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May 30, 2016
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Apologies if this question is a daft one, I'm new. Today in Liverpool my TomTom got me lost and that's because it's a bit old with map version v652.1185 or that's what it says on the screen and yes it is very old <g>

When I got home I purchased and downloaded what I think is the latest version of 'United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland v9.70' The installation process went fine.

However, when I check my map version it still says the version is v652.1185 and not the new one. Apart from going and trying to get lost in Liverpool again how can I tell if I have the new map version?

Thanks for the reply but I don't see any guidance on this at that link. Anyway in case if it helps anyone else I solved to problem. I went to 'Manage my device' and looked at 'Maps'. The update had installed the new map (v9.7) but hadn't removed the old one. I removed the earlier map from the device by uploading it to my PC. After I did this the device correctly reported that it was using version v9.7.
I hope you used Windows Explorer for the move.
If not, open Explorer, connect your device and make a complete back up of it to your computer (it will show as a separate drive letter).
Do not trust HOME to do everything right.

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