map corrections - how is Tomtom informed?

Jul 7, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
is Tomtom in regular contact with DOT in each state and are they notified of new highway modifications, additions, etc??

when new housing developments are created, how is Tomtom informed?? Do the cities and states report changes on a regular basis or do they wait for Tomtom to contact them

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Absolutely NO idea, but it sure would be interesting to know. I know that they get some of their info this way -- because sometimes they show nonexistent roads for platted subdivisions that never got built!


In fact, they do get regular reports from various state/provincial agencies.

From a TomTom employee in Amsterdam:

Question: How does the amount of automatically gathered data compare to data from other sources (government, third party data etc.)?
Answer:This is comparing apples with pears. We get a lot of probe data in, but we also get a lot of data from 3rd parties. We determine information regarding traffic jams from mostly our own probes, but also from governmental information. Most road closures usually come from 3rd parties. The sources are linked so it’s hard to say exactly what comes from where.

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