How do my Map Share corrections affect my TomTom?

Dec 20, 2007
TomTom Model(s)
One 3rd Edition
OK, so I'm using the Map Share features on my TomTom to identify missing roads, misnamed roads, and so on.

Do my Map Share corrections have an immediate affect on my TomTom? For example, if I identify a missing road, does my TomTom immediately start considering that road as a navigation option, or will my TomTom not consider it until it downloads that correction from Big Brother via TomTom Home (if, in fact, it ever does)?

In my opinion, my own GPS should implement my own corrections immediately. But does it? :confused:
If you identify a missing road, there will be no changes on your unit. You cannot add a missing road, only indicate to tomtom that it is missing. it supposedly should show up on a new map version.

for other options, such as block a road....that will become effective in your unit immediately and you can see the blocked road section as a different color if you look and the GPS should never again attempt to take you down that section.

also street name changes etc show up on your unit as soon as you change them. should be the same for added or relocated POI's.
I'm curious about this as well. What about speed limits, when does it become effective?

I live in a rural area and like other GPS units, tomtom doesn't take the optimal route to get on the highway. I assume it doesn't because of various factors, including the speed limit. Hence, I changed the speed limits via mapshare to reflect the more realistic ones. I even made them more extreme in an effort to get tomtom to take me the 'correct' way (note: i'm not sharing these corrections with others). However even after making those changes it still gives me the old route, even though with the newest personal changes it cannot possibly be the fastest.
Hi silence,

flyer1024 has the facts, re-read his post. Only street name and direction changes are changed on your map, whether by personal or received corrections. All other Map Share changes are just reported to TomTom who will incorporate them in future maps.

You are right about the routing taking account of the speed limits, but no amount of speed-limit change reports you enter will have an effect on routing, as they are just sent to TT for future use. The routing may change in future maps as a result of your changes, but you should probably not make incorrect changes as it may confuse the issue and delay the change.

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