How long until TomTom updates map corrections?

May 8, 2008
There's been major/minor roads in Cedar Rapids, IA that I've reported changed almost a year ago that still haven't been fixed, streets that don't exist, etc. With the recent flooding there's a lot changing so i'm curious how long does it usually take for the hive to update these map corrections I'm sending, or should I even bother sending them?
As for the " corrections " your reporting....could be months or even years.

It can only help to report the problem areas....even though you may not see any improvement.

As for roads, exits, etc....being will only see / get these when you " buy " a new map.

Keep in mind....many times the new roads, exits, etc. are not even on the " next " new map....thats why it's always good to post a question about maps here on the someone with the new map can check the location before you waste your money.

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