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Jul 15, 2019
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So i have a Carminat TomTom for a Renault Megane 3 and I decided to instal TomTom Home for the updates. All good but when i went back to the car to install the sd card there were a error message that there were no maps found but prior to that i had benelux installed and the maps worked. Went back inside to my laptop put the card in and there pops this error "Device Initialization std::exception: vector<T> too long. DesktopLib/StdException/error: ".Can anyone please help me? And i tried to restore the sd card beacuse i saw that before the instalation of the updates there was a progress bar for a backup but i looked in the backup file and it was empty.
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So if anyone is interested in a soultion i found one.
This has to do whit the instalation of the maps.
You have to delete the folder with the maps it is usually named Europa east or west or Benelux in my case. After you delete the folder you have to reinstal the maps. But i didn't tested it yet on my car but this seems to rezolve the error and i was able to confirm that the card had the maps without any errors via TomTomHome.
Hope this helps!

-Tested it and it works.
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