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Jul 23, 2009
North Yorkshire
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 1005 App12.055.1124410.74 Map Europe 885.4007
On sunday 24/4/16 as part of a regular update I connected my tomtom to the computer and was first offered a new version of my connect, which was down loaded with the device disconnected. I then re-connected, accepted and downloaded a traffic camera update and a mapshare, disconnected and as my habit did a drum roll reset. All looked well.

On Monday morning on starting work as a taxi-driver put in my first pickup, which was accepted but the unit failed to navigate to the address. Displayed a black screen, then world map, and finnally the location arrow showing current position. Tried several time with the same effect. Drum roll reset was carried out several times without clearing the problem. The device will display my current position and display selected locations.

On getting home tonight successfully carried out the restore procedure but this has not resolved the problem.

Any Suggestions

Julian Croucher
Perhaps a complete factory reset. By the way, if your livelihood depends upon your driving as a taxi driver, why do you show a map version that is many YEARS old???

Also, the application is show for the device is way out of date as well.

When was the last time you updated the application using MyDriveConnect?
Thanks for the reply just not updated status currently using map Europe v965.7272 (01/2016) Application 16.101.2267007.300 (0) (2525,01/04/2016)

How do do full factory reset?

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