Lost 910 TTS Computer Voices

I've been bitten by the same 910 GO and TT Home backup bug that many others have apparently. I was actually directed to this site by TomTom Support US, since they indicated they are unable to help.

As many have done, I performed a backup of my 910 GO after first recieving it. I have used the unit for quite a while without issue. I recently was doing an update via Home when an error occured with a map update. I clicked on the link in Home and it sent me to a troubleshooting page (located in the UK).

I followed the steps verbatim, including the last one which stepped me through re-formatting the 910. After completing that and attempting to re-install my backed up maps to the GO I encountered errors. Now I have a GO with no maps.

I called support. They are working with me to get the maps restored, however they have indicated that they do not have the contents of the LoquendoTTS to provide, which as many of you have found does not get backed up by Home.

So, now even if they do manage to get my maps working, I will not have the TTS voices.

TomTom Support US suggested that I ask here to see if anyone could provide a link of offer to send via FTP, the files in the LoquendoTTS folder from a GO 910 backup. It seems ludicrous to me that TomTom doesn't have them to provide themselves, but whatever.

Anyone out there able to lend a helping hand?
If supermod mikealder doesn't reply to this thread within a few hours, pm him. I suspect he may be able to assist. (He is UK based)
Rob, do you have a copy of the LoquendoTTS folder on your computer, check the TomTom Home backup folder and you might find it named loquendotts (notice the caps/ case difference) - if you do have this folder on the PC it is easy to fix all you need to do is rename all the folders, sub-folders and files so they all have the correct case - Sounds like "fun" NOT well there is a batch file that re-names the whole lot back to what they should be. Best way to get this batch file is to request a copy from Richard (Oldboy) who is one of the Moderators on PGPSW as he wrote the file, his web site can be found by clicking Here otherwise send me your e-mail address via PM and I will send over the file for you (Note this file is only any use if you have a full backup of the 910 that TT Home managed to mess up) - Mike
I knew you were here, Mike........I thought I'd give you a break for a 'spot' of tea, whatever the heck that is! :)

I do have that folder in my TomTom Backup, however the size of the LoquendoTTS folder in the backup structure is only 179 MB (188,718,875 bytes).

From what TomTom Support US told me, and confirmed by several posts I have read, this is only a partial backup as the full size should be in excess of 4GB.

I will send you my personal email address just as soon as I figure out how to PM on this forum. Thanks for the blazing fast response.

Rob, the ENTIRE backup of the 910 including all maps, application, etc. might be about 4 gigs but the Loquendo folder is nowhere near that size. For example, the Loquendo folder on my 720 with 2 computer voices is about 78 megs in size.
Okay... Well, I will go ahead and copy the Loquendo folder over from the backup.

The GO 910 is the model with the HDD integrated, and probably had a lot more voices built-in than other models... I'm certain that the TomTom Support tech was referring to the size of the Loquendo folder specifically when he said it was over 4GB. And I have seen reference in other forums indicating this as well.

Can't hurt to try what is in the backup. I'll post when I'm done and have checked to see if it works.

Okay, I have confirmed that copying the LoquendoTTS folder from my TomTom Home backup to the TomTom was not successful at restoring the computer generated voice capability.

Any other ideas?
910 TTS voices are each abobt 300MB each so something isn't right, even your backup is missing lots of files, I will respond to your PM when I get back from work later - Mike

Not sure if you have received the PM's I sent. I'm new to this forum and may be doing something wrong.

Rob, when I get back home to the PC (Sunday night) I will deal with this one, I can upload the files from the PC but not while away from home as this is being posted from my phone - Mike
Still missing voices...

Hey Mike, any chance to get a copy of that missing folder? I'm headed out of town next week and would love to get my TomTom back up and running properly before then. Thanks.

P.S. Please leave me a note if you have been unable to receive the PM's I've sent previously. You can send me an email at my junk email address (e-mail address removed). I don't normally check it, but I will for the next few days.



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