Go 910 lost maps & 'Home' does not recognise 'unit'

Mar 19, 2012
West London area UK
TomTom Model(s)
Hi there,
I'm not the 'Brightest-button-in-the-box' so please be patient if I'm asking 'simple' questions!
When I thought I'd had my GO910 stolen or lost, I went to the 'well-known' auction-site and got myself another, second-hand one, Only to find out later-on that a family member had borrowed my original, without my knowledge and returned it! Anyway, The problem
Now I have 2, and thought it might be an idea to use the other one in the wife's car,
After trying to 'update' the loaded maps, i.e. UK & ROI USA & Canada etc, etc,
I seem to have LOST all of them from the unit except for GUAM & CANARY-ISLANDS
As I live in the UK, and this is now a stand-by unit, I'd rather like to get the UK map, at least installed, or replaced, When the unit is loaded onto the home dock (using a new user account & email address) The unit asks if I need to connect to PC, but when it does so, it does not show-up as connected on the home-page, so will not disconnect either, even though the unit itself is showing as connected!
I do not have a back-up for this (2nd) unit & think I've screwed things up, Can anyone assist?
You need a separate email account for each unit. Also, don't try copying maps from one unit to the next. It won't work. Try resetting the unit by holding the power button about 15 seconds until you hear the drum sounds unless that model has a dedicated reset hole. Then try connecting to the computer and see if Home recognizes it then.
Thanks for that,
But I already did set-up a separate email account, before I started, and I wasn't attempting to copy from one unit to the other, as I'd seen a note to this effect somewhere, when I was going through my 'messing-up spree', you know what it's like, you'll try all sorts of things, then you find you've bu??ered the thing up
As I don't seem to operate the unit via the home page on my PC, I'm not even able to change any settings,
And if the 'bottom-line' is that I need to purchase new maps, I'm reluctant to do this until I'm sure I can install them!
And as you might guess, the two maps I have left, are of very little use to me!
New map?

Without a backup, I'm not sure what further help can be suggested.

I've finally got the PC to recognise that the GO910 unit IS connected, but when I try to install items from computer, it informs me there are 'no items available',
If I just go ahead and purchase new maps, will I be able to install to both PC & GO910 unit?
And start a back-up?

did you purchase your current map once in the past or is it the original map? If you've purchased the map you should be able to redownload it from TT's servers for free. The other software should be available for free anyway.

Did you already install the Navcore application to your device?

As I mentioned previously,
I purchased this (2nd) from that 'Well known online, auction site',
So No, I didn't purchase, or install the map,
And I'm sorry but I have no idea what Navcore is??
Let alone how to install it!!!
I welcome ANY assistance though

Navcore is the application being installed on your device. It is the operating system. This should be offered automatically when connecting to TT HOME as long as it isn't already installed on your device. You'll find out if you delete all loose files (no folders) in the root of your device.

If you purchase a new map I recommend doing this via the TT HOME application or at least looking which map version I'd like to get exactly to purchase the correct one on the online map shop. After payment has reached TomTom the new map should be available for download through the TT HOME application.

Remember that your device only supports 2GB SD cards so you've got a limited memory. You may have to use map zones instead of the complete map for some maps.


so there's definitely no trouble with memory capacity. My fault :rolleyes:. In that case there should be no problem with installing the maps to the device's memory.

Thanks for the help,
I'm away from my home pc for a while, so I won't be able to get back to sorting-out the GO910,
Perhaps on my return, I might have a bit more patience?
Thanks again.
I may have the wrong end of the stick....
When you started this topic you were having problems getting the computer to "see" the TomTom, but as you're now trying to buy maps in the other topic, I thought you must have got past that problem.

Apologies if I'm wrong... if that's still a problem do carry on here!

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