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Mar 18, 2010
Lincoln, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Start 60
Latest MyDrive update, today, confuses me. I have a Start60 (Nav3 I understand, starts with WN).

Until now it provided lifetime maps but now it says I'm up to date; but in another option offers me "Lifetime Map updates - for £168!).

From my device: Map "Europe Zone 4" v1105.11801 Release date 1/2023

Should I be patient or has TT declared "end of life" and , if the latter, why does it offer maps for ever but for a fee?

Thanks for any help and guidance given.


Normally Start 60 with the serial number that starts with WN should not have the lifetime cards.

Contact Tomtom customer service to check.
Thanks, Willy but I've been downloading since purchase and it was sold with Lifetime maps enabled.
Tried and failed with customer service - well documented by others here.
Only Tomtom customer service can verify your account and reactivate your card for life.

Have you tried uninstalling Mydrive connect and then reinstalling it.
Have you tried clearing the Mydrive login cache.
There may indeed be an issue with your subscription since the current map for 'Classic' devices is 1110, not 1105, and 1115 should be released before long. The UK version of the Start 60 did come with lifetime maps.

There is no reason that your 4GB device should be in any 'end of life' list near term (and it isn't now) since you have the option of adding a uSD card that will hold the entire European map should you ever choose to go that route. Those devices that went EOL a while back did so primarily because they had only a small internal memory space and no external memory card option, though I note that the WM model is on that list (only a 2GB internal memory). My antique 2GB GO 740 still receives quarterly updates due to the possibility of the external card.

Stay tuned here for a week or two to see when the 1115 map is announced, what MyDrive has to say about your device. If you aren't offered that map, then you'll need to make contact with TT directly, as Willy says, to get your subscription straightened out.
Thanks and greetings to Colorado. I'm sure you've heard this before but any attempt to make contact with "customer service" leads back to the Chat button and after an hour and a half of waiting for someone to become involved and listening to the dinner gong :eek:) I had to leave it with a request to contact me by email.
I don't think that's likely because it would open a direct channel of comms but I can live in hope.
These shots might explain my confusion.


  • TT3.JPG
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  • TT1.JPG
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Rumor here is that their Facebook page gets quicker results.
Sorry. This dinosaur comes out in spots at the thought of social media. ;o)

Might ask my grand daughter to do it for me.
An update which may help others.
If you use the chatbot out of hours (1000-1630 GMT) it offers an email option which I couldn't find before (see above).
I now have a ticket number so I'm hopeful of resolution in the next day or two.
All is now working again and the support agent was helpful. As Willy says the only way to get this "unforeseen technical error" corrected is to make contact with customer service but it seems to be extraordinarily difficult. I hope my last post might be helpful and, of course, the local times will depend on where you are.
Update now in progress and all appears OK.

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