Cheapest Unit with Lifetime Map/Traffic Updates?

Jan 2, 2009
British Columbia, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-S IQ Routes Edition
What's the cheapest unit that includes lifetime updates? I took a look through the site, and it looks like the XL-350 for $179.95 might be it. I currently have a TomTom One, but it hardly seems worth it to pay for an update to my two year old device when I could get a brand new one with lifetime updates. I'm interested in your opinions though. Oh and I'm in Canada.
TomTom's been running a fire sale on their units here in the States with new models selling for a third of their retail price. DHN, our premier Canadian moderator, may have some good up-to-date pricing and sources in the North Woods. But at least in the US you can find 340's with Lifetime Maps for under a $100 and 540's including LM for less than $130.
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Future Shop currently shows a 540TM for $160 Canadian. In other words, half price. That's the one I'd select.

See here
Thanks for the suggestion, I will go check it out. It sounds like it has a lot of improved features over my two year old TomTom One.

It seems peculiar to me that new devices aren't much more than map updates. Last time I checked it was like $60 or $70 to update my map on my One. If the price was something more reasonable like $20, I'd probably do regular updates. Instead they've made it easier to just go buy a new unit. I don't get it. Anyways for lifetime udates you can't really go wrong.

So how good are the traffic alerts? Where do they get their info from? Does it re-route you automatically?

EDIT - It looks like the 540 is sold out everywhere except one store in Vancouver which is 40KM away.
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The best traffic service (called 'Live') is a subscription service. The one that comes with the 540 and many others, is the RDS/TMC - or FM traffic. It's pretty good, but not perfect. Check the link below to see the coverage in your area for RDS/TMC (or FM) traffic to see what coverage it offers. Some areas have little or none. I know in my area it's only Mon-Fri during rush hours.

Total Traffic Network | Navigation Coverage Map List

Does it re-route you automatically?
This is your choice on how you set up your TomTom. I have mine set to search for a better route. If it finds one, it will say something like, "There's a route that is 23 minutes faster, do you want to take that?" Then you'll have to tap yes or no.

I attached an image of a traffic advisory example below (click on image to view). I think it's pretty clever how TomTom depicts this. They draw a simple line from bottom to top on the right-hand side with your current position at the bottom and your destination at the top. This ex. shows 2 incidences of traffic causing a delay of 38 mins. with the first one being 9km ahead of your current position. It can also show an accident... which is a car up on 2 wheels or @ 45?, and there's an image to represent construction.


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Thanks for that information. It looks like my area is sufficiently covered from 6am to 7pm Monday-Friday. So TomTom gets their traffic alerts from the radio stations?

What a joke Future Shop is sometimes. So on the recommendation above I decided on the 540 XXL which was $159.99 down from $319.99. All the stores as well as the online store were all sold out two weeks ago when it was on sale, but I was able to get a raincheck. Last week the price went back up, which is to be expected. But now they've put it in this weeks flyer at $159.99 again. But the best part is that they haven't had any inventory since the last time it was on sale, so it's beyond me why they'd waste precious advertising dollars when they don't even have any stock at the start of the sale. I have a feeling that my 30 day raincheck is going to expire before they end up getting any stock in. I think I'll get a new raincheck on the 24th (last day of the current flyer) so that I'll have a brand new 30 day window.

TomTom XXL 5.0" GPS with Lifetime Traffic & Map Updates (540) : 4.5" and Larger GPS - Future Shop
I lucked out and managed to get one of the last xxl540TM units in Ontario...somebody's unclaimed raincheck. When I got it home, turned out it was a 540s World Traveller on top of it all, I got 4 gigs of memory. Nice little bonus. It's a decent unit for sure, and at $160, a great deal. I hope they get some more in for you, cuz you'll be happy with it!
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I went in there again and they're still out of stock. I talked to the guy, and he said that the TomTom rep was in and they asked him what was up. Apparently the warehouse is completely out of stock, hense why no Future Shop locations have any left. I told the FS guy to give him crap on my behalf if he sees him again. Apparently he has a list of customers waiting for it. I'm glad I work 2 minutes from a FS so that I can run down as soon as I get the call.
Make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

Also, be advised that the lifetime maps are for North America only, not your European map.

Further, while you should be entitled to the latest map (860), the Western_and Central_Europe map will NOT fit on your unit.

If offered the LMG for the current map, while all zones will be downloaded, you'll have to choose which zone(s) to install on your unit, such as Europe_West which contains countries such as the UK, France, Italy. Germany, however is in a different zoned map.

If and when you wish to switch zones, you do it in Home-->Manage my Device-->Device tab-->Maps. When you click on the zone installed, there's a new link called 'change zones'. So, for example, if you want to put Europe_North on the device, Home will copy the existing map to the computer and install Europe_North from the computer.

Just stuff you should know..................
Hey dhn. I noticed with both maps installed there was't room for much else. Fortunately, I won't be needing the Europe maps anyway. So, once I got them off, I've got lots of room for extras. And thanks for the advice on backing up using explorer. You saved my bacon earlier this morning. I thought I had nuked the thing when I lost my original app and HOME offered me an older one, that simply didn't work on the unit...things just went from bad to worse in a matter of hours. Once I followed your advice and got everything back, with the added benefit of an upgrade thanks to your app link!, I immediately copied everything on the device using EXPLORER. Took over an hour, but after my panic experience (not to mention it was the last unit in the whole province), it was great advice. Now I know why you mention doing a backup in just about every second post. Thanks again for your sage advice!
Great deal today (27 Dec) at (Canada) for the 340TM. 119.96.

Nice find!

So what are the major differences between the 340TM and the 540XXL? Obviously the size, but I actually don't want a 5" screen anyway, so that part I'm okay with. The 340TM seems to have the key features which I've highlighted in red below. Are there any other major features the 540XXL has that the 340TM does not? If not, I think I might try to go pick one of these up tomorrow.


Premium maps of the US, Canada & Mexico
4.3" full-colour touch screen
Always take the fastest route with IQ ROUTES
Update your map instantly or download other driver?s verified updates with free Map Share On-Demand Updates
Find gas stations, restaurants and more with over 7 million points of interest
Keep your eyes on the road with announced turn-by-turn directions and street names
TomTom LIFETIME Traffic Updates automatically update you with the latest traffic information, recalculate your trip time, and suggest alternate routes
TomTom LIFETIME Map Updates guarantee you are always up-to-date with the industry?s most accurate maps
Plug & Go right out of the box
Travel with peace of mind with Help Me! Emergency Menu
Personalize your TomTom with TomTom HOME Content Manager
Dimensions: 3.2"(H) x 4.7"(W) x 0.9"(D)
Weight: 6.9 oz.
1-year limited warranty

Included in the Box:
GPS Device
Fold & Go EasyPort Mount
Car Charger
USB cable for Charging & Computer Connection
Dashboard Mounting Disk
Thanks, I ended up picking up a 340TM for the sale price of $120. I was able to do the initial map update, but I'm not able to enter my subscription code to activate the lifetime map updates. Every time I hit the button it tells me that it can't connect, even before I get a chance to enter my code.
Call CS at 866-486-6866 and have them deal with the activation issue.
Thanks, will do!

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I just used my existing TomTom Home software from my TomTom One would it? I just plugged my 340 in and it asked if I wanted to unlink my old device, and link my new device - I said yes and it updated my map. I'll definitely give them a call. Thanks for the number.
If you got the new map you are set. I was not able to enter any code either. I think the new map will be out in Feb or so, so I guess will find out then if all is well.

If you plan to continue using your One, just set up another email for its account using the same HOME.

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If you got the new map you are set. I was not able to enter any code either. I think the new map will be out in Feb or so, so I guess will find out then if all is well.

If you plan to continue using your One, just set up another email for its account using the same HOME.

Well I'm set for now, but I doubt I will be when the next update is out. All TomTom units come with 1 free map update, so it's not surpising that I was able to download my initial update. The true test will come when the next release is out, at which point I am confident I won't have access to it unless I can get this activation issue sorted out.
335T lifetime maps?

I bought a 335T (upgrade from 140S because I want traffic). Also has a bigger screen. Only feature loss is that Mexico is not included (was with my 140S).

I opened the box and see a code for LifeTime Maps! This is a T, not a ?. I haven't activated it yet (my device just reminded me to do so to get the latest maps). I wasn't expecting the lifetime maps; the card mentions "Promotion Code", so perhaps this was some kind of a special that I didn't notice.

If so, 335T may be your cheapest.

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