which tomtom models have alternate route options and free lifetime map updates

Jun 23, 2015
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Can anyone please advise that which tomtom models have alternate route options. For an example if i want to go from A to B then i like to see at least three different routes may be i want to avoid motor way and etc.

I am looking for following features;

- Free lifetime map updates
- Alternate route options
- Speed limit alert on roads
- Not too much worry about speed camera but better to have one.
Several recent models offer all of those features, though the speed cams are, I believe, an extra cost option after a trial period.
What you do not mention is whether you need traffic information in the areas in which you drive. That will impact routing, and even the 'alternate route options' that you mention.

Another thing that impacts the final buying decision is the screen size that you will find helpful given your vision and preferences.

All of the following offer the features you requested: The GO 40/50/60 (4", 5" and 6" screens) and GO 510/610 units (5" and 6" screens, respectively), offer Live traffic using a small amount of data from your personal cell phone to achieve best routing. The more expensive GO 5100 and 6100 units have internal cellular modems to make their own connection to the TomTom traffic server. Each offers lifetime maps, and you may alter routing algorithms in advance, and at any time, request alternate routing vs. the currently planned route. The x10 and x100 units have capacitive screens and more convenient mounts. Moving down scale just a bit from those units, the GO x0 units use a resistive screen instead of a capacitive screen, and have mounts that are less convenient, but cost less.

Speed limits are included for many roads, but not all of them. 'Minor' roads still sometimes do not have speed data embedded in the map information. All units can be set to give an audible alert when exceeding a known limit.

This UK TomTom site may help you understand the differences.

I am not too much worried about traffic at the moment.

I have been thinking about tomtom go 50 but not sure if it gives you multiple route to choose before you start your journey.
Once the first route is established, you can tap on the destination and a window pops up where one choice is to seek an alternative. This gives 2 other routes. This is with a Go 50.

Another way is to use the Main Menu to 'Find Alternate'.
All of them do but are off by default. They must be switched on through the menu.

What exactly do you mean by "alternative" routing"
You can select "Avoid Motorways" or "Shortest route" (not recommended as it would guide you through residential areas and lanes if that make the mileage shorter but the time much longer).

As canderson said, if you planned a route and it is displayed you can then ask for an alternative.

Let's say you want to go from Basingstoke to Windsor and there are accidents on the M25 the GO 50 may show A33 / M4. If you now ask for alternative it may show M3 / M23 / M4 but will also display the longer mileage and longer travel time.

If you have different ideas, let us know what you have in mind.

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